Small Scale Business Ideas in India 2018

Small scale business industries play a crucial role in the economic development of a developing country like India. The young generation of India is becoming more business enthusiastic and willing to start their own ventures. Rather than going to a 9 to 6 job, they prefer to create their own workspace and apply their efforts and knowledge towards making their business profitable.

It is quite evident that everyone needs a regular source of income but most people are not equipped with a huge amount of capital to start a business. Commencing a small scale business is easy as it requires less or no infrastructure cost. To start this kind of a business and make it flourish requires a thorough understanding of the local demand and its success largely depends on choosing the right niche.

Looking forward to start your own small scale business in India? Then below are some profitable small business ideas to start in India with low or no investment and earn high profits.

1. Tutoring Services: Giving tuitions is the best small scale business opportunity in India right now. You can either open a coaching centre or offer home tuitions services to students and earn good amount of income.

2. Website Developer: Today every business requires a good website to boost their sales and profits. If you have the skills and knowledge of web development, you can set up a small business by creating websites on platforms such as WordPress. You can also create WordPress themes for extra income.

3. SEO Consultant: Search Engine Optimization is necessary for everyone who wants to be relevant on the web. The setting up of a small-scale business of SEO consultant will be profitable as the need of SEO consultants have increased over time. Every blogger requires a good SEO consultant to optimize their website to achieve higher rankings in search engine results.

4. Translation Services: Translation Services is a trending small-scale business opportunity with less investment and more incomes. Many international companies are looking forward to expand their businesses in India, for which they require reliable translation services to promote their work in regional languages in India. All it requires is a solid grip on a particular international language/languages along with some regional Indian languages.

5. Makeup Artist: Makeup artist is a growing profession nowadays. People who have immense interest in this profession are using social media platforms to promote their business. It is a small scale business which can fetch good amount of profits especially during wedding seasons. You can either open your makeup studio or work as a freelancer depending on your convenience.

6. Career Counselling: Career counselling is the best option in terms of starting a small scale business in India. With multiple career options available, parents and children often gets confused and wish to seek professional advice from experts. You can build a network of experienced counselors and professionals and charge a nominal fee for the services provided to the parents and children.

7. Content Writing and Blogging: With good writing skills, you can open a content writing and blogging business which can earn you both income and respect. It is a good way of sharing and spreading knowledge and opinion in the form of online contents and posts by the people and businesses.

8. Food Delivery Services: If you are good at cooking, then this is definitely an awesome small-scale business idea to start in India, which is a land of foodies. As the country is going digital, most of the people place their food order online. Getting yourself registered on apps like Swiggy or Food Panda, will be of great help.

9. Cyber Security & IT Security: If you have a good knowledge of IT security services, then you can turn this skill into a full-blown business idea. There are multitude of companies which require qualified and efficient individuals who can prevent cyber crimes like online thefts and hacking. You can build a team of skilled IT professionals and provide cybersecurity services to companies from time to time.

10. Manpower Resourcing: Providing manpower resources to the companies on the need basis would be another good business idea. Companies not having enough time to hire suitable employees for it, usually outsource the recruitment process to the manpower resourcing companies. By opening such business, you can help in bridging the gap by selecting the best for the company and earn good commission from it.