Snow City, Bengaluru – What to Know Before You Go

Snow City Bangalore

Snow City Bangalore

Snow City, Bengaluru is one of the newest attractions of the Garden City. This indoor snow-themed park occupies an area of 12,500 sq feet and is a part of the Fun World Complex. The park stays open each and every day of a week from 10 AM to 8 PM. It is a fine place to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. No matter when you visit you will always see subzero temperatures being maintained over here. The time that you will be allowed to spend in the park is around 45 minutes.

Ticketing details

You can buy the tickets on the internet or from the counter itself. If your child is less than three feet tall he or she will not need a ticket. Everyone else has to pay the same fare for the tickets and if you think that you can argue your way out of this then you may be wrong since there are height scales to check your child’s height. Tickets are normally expensive on the weekends and the holidays. You can get information on this from the official website of Snow City Bengaluru as well as sites such as If you book from the internet you will get the tag once you get to the counter.

Warning regarding mobiles and cameras

Since you mostly get sub-zero temperatures over here there is always a chance that your mobiles and cameras may be damaged. You can keep them in the car or avail lockers for a definite charge. If you want to take cameras inside you may have to pay something extra as well. As and when you enter the park you – including your kids – will be provided boots, gloves, and jackets. In this case you need to select the right option for you. You can also buy socks on sale if you need to.


Before you enter the park a photographer will take a photo of you and others who are accompanying you. Photos will also be taken inside the park. The pictures are normally available in two major sizes and you can buy them at the exit. It costs around INR 250 for the smaller picture. It comes in a paper frame where the main theme is winter snowfall. However, please remember that you’ll not get a softcopy for the same. You can also buy some hot chocolate over here – keeping the freezing weather in mind it could jolly well be the best thing you had asked for.

What can you do over here?

There are plenty of things that can be done over here at Snow City Bengaluru:

  • Sliding on the tall snow slides using rubber tubes
  • Building large snow castles
  • Snow rafting on the tall snow slide
  • Enjoying the snowfall in between
  • Small curved snow slide
  • Dancing on the snow dance floor
  • Entering an igloo
  • Playing basketball in the snow
  • Playing with snow and throwing snowballs at friends
  • Climbing the ice mountain/rock climbing
  • Making a snowman
  • Taking pictures with ice and snow sculptures


There are certain suggestions that are sure to help you spend some much better time in Snow City Bengaluru. If you want to enter at a particular time it is always better to check on the internet. Since the costs are higher on holidays and weekends it is always better to go on the weekdays. If you are going to visit in number then it could be advisable to look for group packages if any. If you are going with children or elderly people then it may be better to carry some thermals since it can start to feel very cold after 5 to 10 minutes. The equipment provided may not always prove to be sufficient. It is always better to wear socks – the thick woolen socks are better, especially for kids since their feet can get cold quite quickly. If you don’t follow this advice then chances are that you will end up spending a significant time carrying your child on your lap. The boots provided over here are not really tall enough and ice can get inside your feet. This can affect children very much. So, it is advisable to keep your children off areas where the snow happens to be deep. In case you wish to enjoy your time over there it is better that you carry as few things with you as possible. Always have some cash handy – you can use it for things such as hot chocolate. Also, as soon as you enter – if you wish to avail as many rides as possible in the limited timeframe permitted – you should make a dash for them, specially the slides.  With the crowd building up if you don’t hurry you won’t get the rubber tubes or rafts. Its various attractions make it one of the must-see spots in the capital city of Karnataka.


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