Ten things you should definitely NOT do in Chennai!

10 things not to do in Chennai
10 things not to do in Chennai

Things not to do in Chennai

The unspoken capital of South India, the city of Chennai is one of the biggest assets for India. Ever since the British Raj, the city has been an important center of trade and a major gateway to the south. With its sweltering heat, over-populated localities, austere beaches and penny plain architecture, Chennai isn’t really a visitor’s delight. Yet for its powerful status, it stands as one of the most visited cities of India.

Visiting a new city, that too with a totally different native language, can be quite a task for the first time. While there are things we should be doing in a city, there are plenty of things which you should definitely not risk doing! So unlike the usual idea of listing the must do activities, today I will bring into your knowledge some of the things that you should definitely not do while in Chennai! So here it goes:-

1. Tamilians are quite passionate about their mother-tongue and so you can never afford to be incapable of speaking Tamil. As they, “When in Rome, Do the Romans”, therefore learn a few words of their language to see more of smiling faces helping you negotiate your way.

2. Don’t mess with the Auto-walas! The auto-drivers in the city could rob you off your money by charging insane figures, especially if you don’t understand Tamil! The only way to be safe from the Auto-robbery is to use other public transports such as the bus and the metro.

3. Never step out without a bottle of water! Its dead-hot hot in Chennai with temperatures soaring stupendously high. It is impossible to survive the sweltering heat of Chennai without carrying with yourself a big bottle of water.

4. Don’t ever wear anything too short or revealing in Chennai, if you don’t want to be petrified with excruciating glares of the people. No matter how tempted you are to free yourself off the clothing baggage, drop the idea and dress wisely and decently!

5. Don’t litter! The beaches in Chennai may not be as pristine as the others but that definitely doesn’t give you any right to spoil them anyhow. Chennai has been very diligent in trying to clean the city and so disregarding their efforts will definitely not be the right thing to do!

6. Do not Smoke! Take the warning as seriously as you can when it comes to smoking in the city. Smoking in the public areas will earn you nothing but a free trip to the police station! Chennai has very strict smoking laws and you better abide by them!

7. Never chance upon poking fun at their film industry! Chennai worships its silver-screen Gods and trying to joke about them can put you in great trouble. If you can’t sing praises about Kollywood, better stay quiet!

8. Never, I repeat, NEVER act like a tourist at the religious places in Chennai! As a historical city, Chennai houses a long list of religiously significant places which are thronged by the worshippers as well as the admirers of beauty. Always remember that these are temples and museums where you could stand and loudly discuss about the architectural marvel. Do not disturb those who have come to pray!

9. Don’t expect to be served with liquor everywhere you step in! Chennai used to be a dry state post-independence and even though the ban has been lifted, liquor is only served at shops called TASMACS (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation).

10. Don’t restrict yourself to the hotel room! Go out and explore the warmth of Chennai and its culture. Marvel the architectural beauty, relish the mouth-watering cuisine and feel the historical connect with much love and delight.

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