The Benefits of Ghee You Didn’t Know About


Ghee or clarified butter is the most common cooking item in India. It is used in sweets, desserts, fried foods and even savoury dishes. Ghee is made by heating cow milk butter until the milk solids separate and the clarified butter is left on top. Ghee retains more nutrients than processed butter. Ghee is also used in various Hindu religious ceremonies such as pujas and havans.

Various myths surround the health benefits or risks of Ghee. The opinion that ghee makes you fat is untrue and a myth! Ghee has many scientifically proven health benefits and is a true superfood. Butter contains impurities such as saturated fat or milk solids while ghee is free of all such impurities.

Benefits of ghee

Weight loss

As shocking as that sounds, yes, ghee can help you lose weight! It contains lesser fat content and zero impurities compared to regular butter. It is a healthier alternative for people who want to incorporate fats into their diet.

Helps with digestion and strengthens immunity

Ghee promotes the secretion of digestive juices in your stomach. It is a healthy source of butyric acid that lowers inflammation and improves digestion. Ghee is rich in antioxidants that keep your immune system strong.


Another shocking benefit of ghee is that it is safe for lactose-intolerant people. Although it is a milk product, ghee contains no milk solids and is perfect for cooking. Ghee only contains healthy fat that helps your body burn the impurities and fats.

Healthy heart

Ghee increases your good cholesterol levels and decreases the fat deposited in the arteries. It keeps your heart and arteries healthy and functional.

Stronger bones

Vitamin K, an essential vitamin that is responding fir strengthening your bones and teeth is found in ghee. A small portion of ghee a day can help you fulfill your day’s requirement of Vitamin KK

Good for growing babies

Infants are dependent on mother’s milk for the first year of their life. After this, they quickly tend to lose weight due to diet changes ghee can help them retain weight and become stronger. You can use one spoon of ghee in a child’s porridge for the day’s requirements. People also massage babies with ghee to make their bones and muscles stronger.

Yes, ghee is healthy and beneficial for you but only in moderation. After all, it is saturated fat and if used in excess amounts it will be unhealthy. 1-2 spoons of ghee a day are beneficial and the right amount to consume. Using ghee instead of refined oils while cooking is a great way to start a healthier diet.