The Super-Dazzling Nightlife of Bangalore

Super-Dazzling Nightlife of Bangalore
Nightlife of Bangalore

Super-Dazzling Nightlife of Bangalore

Super crazy night-outs, the upbeat jazzy music at the pubs, the ultra-cool dance moves and the carefree wobbling in the streets- if this is what describes you then you are a sure-shot party animal! Life is a party for the true party buffs who are in a constant lookout for the hottest party locations anywhere and everywhere. As a country with diversity in every aspect, India also has a diverse nightlife culture that varies from city to city. Talking about the flamboyant party culture is certainly incomplete without speaking about the “Pub Capital of India”. Known for its electrifying nightlife, the city of Bangalore has always topped the chart when we talk about the pub culture in India.

The vibrance and plush of Bangaluru is a word of mouth for those who have been a part of this city even for a short while. The city has been deemed as one of the most advanced cities of India, not only in technology but also in thoughts. The inhabitants of Bangalore are efficiently smart people. They work hard but party harder. Perhaps, which is why the city houses more than 200 bars and clubs in its realm. The nights in Bangalore are absolutely crazy and classy at the same time. The nightclubs and discotheques here are super-entertaining and attractive. Just get into your party shoes, enter a nightclub, get yourself a drink and you are all set to party like a rockstar in the most dazzling city of the country!

If you want to experience the captivating charm of this city, here is a list of the some of the most popular nightspots known for hosting the most sensational parties of Bangalore:

1. The Sky Lounge

This is by far the most exceptional nightclub of Bangalore. Located on the 16th floor of the with an 8000 sqft open air lounge, it offers a spellbinding view of the city at night.

2. City Bar

The City Bar is the classiest night club in Bangalore. You need to dress up elegantly for this club or else you might not just be able to get in. The ambiance here is very European and sheek.

3. The Biere Club

Bangalore is also known as the Beer Capital of India and if you want to know the reason behind, visiting this club is a must! This place has some of the finest beers in the world.

4. Fuga

If you want to let loose in the tunes of trance, head s straightaway to Club Fuga on Castle Street. Passionate red flames pounding from the dance floor form the ambiance of this club.


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