Shopping Destinations In Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is one of the most vibrant of the Indian metropolitan areas. Being the information technology hub of the country, with a large, young working population, it boasts of mix of a cosmopolitan and traditional culture. The city is dotted with shopping areas, big department stores and glistening new malls. Everything from apparel, footwear, jewelry, to traditional silk and sandal wood handicrafts are available in the city making it a shopper's paradise. Apart from the traditional items such as silk fabric and saris, antiques, ivory carvings and handicrafts, trendy designer wear and the high end consumer items, electronic goods, and cars are also part of the Bangalore shopping experience.

Bangalore has traditional markets with shops aligned on specific roads as well as malls which have any number of shops within them. The popular shopping areas are in the roads which lie around the central business district.

Vittal Malaya Road

This is one of the high end shopping areas of the city. Shops and department stores stock international brands such as Versace and Louis Vuitton.

M G Road

This shopping area is in the heart of the city and one of the most popular with the tourists. It was earlier known as South Parade and is an important landmark of the city. Shops stock everything from traditional crafts, to apparel, footwear and curios. Shopping complexes, bookshops, and department stores- all are located on this road.

Residency Road

Close to M G Road, this road has many state emporia and other shops selling handicrafts, furniture and antiques.

Brigade Road

One of the busiest commercial and shopping areas in the city, this road connects M G Road to Hosur Road. Shops, pubs, eating places and restaurants dot this road. This place is most popular with the young crowd with shops stocking electronic goods, garments and accessories.

Commercial Street

Close to the central business district and the Vidhan Soudha runs this road with shops selling designer products, international brands and high end life style products. Also one finds book stores, art shops, jewelry shops and textile retailers here. As this is the busiest commercial area in the city, tourists and locals throng the shops here.

Forum Mall

Located on Hosur Road in an up market suburb, this mall is spread over four levels, and is the largest mall in the city. Everything from apparel, accessories, consumer goods, to electronics is available here.

Garuda Mall

It is one of the larger malls and is located on Macgrath Road.

Sampigne Road

Located at Malleswaram, this road has a flower and a fruit market. Shops stock silk sarees, handicrafts, religious trinkets and material, traditional sweets and cloth.

Gandhi Bazaar

It is one of the oldest shopping areas in the city. One can buy traditional items, fruits, groceries, and silk saris. The range of products one can shop here is from apparel, cloth, and plastics to electronics and house hold goods.


This is a narrow street market place in the old city. Shops selling silks at bargain prices are a tourist attraction. There are also gold and silver jewelry shops here.

Hong Kong Market

This small market has shops selling imported goods. Accessories, perfumes, clothes, electronic goods and footwear; all can be bought in the small shops in the market.

Last Updated on : 03/12/2013