This happens only in India – Good or Bad

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made. Albert Einstein.

Few things are peculiar to India and happen only here. Good or bad but these are what make us and also build India an incredible country. Among all that man made chaos, nature has gifted India with very appealing and wide range of tourist destinations from mountains, plains, desert to beaches. You can have one of the best shopping experiences in India as every state has its own specific style. Four distinct seasons, different cultures, faces, mind sets, varied religious beliefs, hot weather, color are what make us and describe us. All in all India presents vast complexities and variety of life, but what we see in day to day life is the true India.

  • We are the largest democracy in world with emerging scientific, economic and technological superpower.
  • Power cuts in summer happen only in India. Though the  condition in metros is far better than the small cities and villages where electricity comes for an hour or so.
  • Cows, auto rickshaw, buses, cars, scooters and any other mean of transport, all on one road and fighting to stay ahead of each other.
  • We keep our homes very neat and clean but as soon as come on the road we leave all the civic sense and responsibility behind.
  • Indians complaint a lot and that is why you can feel tension on the face of almost every person in India.
  • Overloaded trucks on highways and cities.
  • Rich cuisines are found only in India and this is our speciality. There are region specific cuisines like Hyderabadi Biryani, Sambhar Dosa in South India, Chole Bhature in Punjab and  Hilsa fish in Bengal.
  • As per norms, traditional Indian wives never take their husband’s name. It is considered as a sign of disrespect.
  • Diversity is the spice of life, which is found only in India. Nature has blessed India with rivers, forest, mountain, beaches, desert, and backwaters.
  • Game of chess is a gift by India. In Sanskrit it is known as chaturanga that means “four members of an army and included horses, elephants, chariots and foot soldiers.
  • India is a peace loving country and so has never invaded any country in the last 1000 years of history.
  • Indians worship God with full faith and sometimes blindly. Offering milk to idol, considering pumpkin a God, giving milk to rats at the Karni Mata Hindu temple at Deshnoke happen only in India.
  • All the across the world Indians have the most intense desire for education but as far as quality of education is concerned, India lags behind. There are few top colleges and institutes that impart practical and quality education which is the need of the day.
  • Indians are not disciplined and they love to break rules of all kinds such as traffic rule, office rules etc. This leads to a chaotic situation on the roads as well as life and considered as one of the major causes of frustration in Indians.
  • Lack of concern for each other. Now a days people show the sense of intolerance and lack of concern for each other.
  • Indians belong to their specific state not the country.
  • Above all this there is an issue of corruption that is damaging India.

Positive and negative is part of any society but we should work on our negatives and keep all the positives intact and try to make these even stronger. India is a potpourri of culture, values, misconceptions, beliefs, blind faith and more. But it is our country and we must be proud to be Indians.