Fashion Street in Mumbai, the Destination for Cheap Street Shopping

Cheap rip-off of famous brands are more prominent here
Cheap replicas of famous brands
Cheap replicas of famous brands are easily available at Fashion Street

Being in Mumbai and not visiting a place like Fashion Street at MG Road near Azad Maidan would have been a big mistake. This place gave me a nostalgic feel about Delhi and Janpath. The area is very popular amongst the youth. As I was strolling around the street, I found this place to be simply amazing. It stocks a variety of goodies.

Mobile phone accessories seller
You will find mobile phone accessories of any brand here

 The clothes were cheap as well as available in great designs. Many were the replicas of the original company products. Here, you can also get replicas of Gucci, Armani, Versace, Dolce and Gabana, etc.

Women fashion accesories
Cheap fashion accessories are aplenty

Visiting the Fashion Street,  I thought that there was no harm in purchasing clothes from here because of their reasonably good quality when compared with their low price.  You can get a T-shirt here  for as low as  Rs 150. This area is even famous for fashion accessories. The crowd consisted of mostly women as they just love shopping! 

You can also shop for good quality footwear here

I loved being in this place where I could interact with the youth of Mumbai who were present in the area in huge numbers as it is the hub of  student crowd.  You will highly enjoy visiting this place if you are a shopping geek and also love to save money.

Wrist bands
One can also get a variety of wrist bands here



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