Mahakali Caves in Mumbai, the Ashokan marvel

Mahakali caves
Mahakali Caves – a treat for the history buff

Kondivite or Mahakali caves were excavated way back between 2nd century and 6th century A.D. The best part about these were that they were carved out of volcanic trapped breccias and was originally a part of Marol village settlement. As per ASI (Archaeological survey of India) has also mentioned that there were some fresh water tanks but they disappeared with time.


Stupas of Ashoka's time
Stupas dating back to Ashoka’s time are being preserved now

These beautifully carved caves are there since the time of Ashokan empire. As one can see, there is a Buddhist stupa situated here, which clearly indicates monks who followed Buddhism lived here. Also, there are writings on the wall in the “Pali script”, a language even older than Sanskrit. Most of these inscriptions have been damaged as the time passed, but our government has┬ámade a lot of efforts to preserve them. Hats off to them!


Aesthetically carved figurines set with Buddhist folklore
Aesthetically carved figurines set with Buddhist folklore

My jaw dropped, “Wow”- I was mesmerised when I reached here. I must say that sculptors in that era were not only very proficient in what they were doing but also had a great sense of aesthetics. They depicted the figurines associated with Buddhist mythology, each one telling a different story altogether.


Mahakali caves front view
Mahakali Caves – a visual delight and must-visit for all

How to get there? The answer to this question is very simple, one can either catch a bus from Andheri station of Mumbai. Since these caves are well connected to Andheri-Kurla road, public transports like BEST buses, Autorickshaws (Rickshaw in local language) and taxis are easily available. Considering my opinion, this site is must-visit place to those who adore Indian history.


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