Delhi Unsafe for Children – Threat to God’s Form

One simply doesn’t like to read the newspapers these days. After all, what’s so good in the papers anyway? The news items only make us worry and curl into our houses until we forget and move on. One such news item that caught my attention was the recent Delhi murders in which two siblings aged 5 and 7 were killed by their maternal uncle who was aged 22.

Now here is the case described by the media: The siblings were picked up from school by their maternal uncle. How the school authorities let his happen is beyond anybody’s knowledge. The uncle and his friends locked their mother inside her house preventing her to reach the school. After kidnapping the children, the uncle made a ransom call for 30 lakhs.

The parents, however, approached the police who traced the kidnappers through their cell phone records. Meanwhile, the kidnappers started getting itsy when the children wailed and asked for their parents. For some reason, this ticked them off and they decided to kill the children and dump their bodies.

The police have nabbed the uncle and his friends who have confessed to the crime. The case is solved which has now left a trail of sadness for the parents who lost their children to some madman for a few lakh rupees. I am not sure if sadness can be compared with any other form of sadness when it involves the loss of a person. Is the loss of a child deeper than the loss of a husband or a father? I guess loss is a loss no matter what.

They say that children are a form of God who stroll on earth spreading their innocence and happiness. When such a living being is snatched away, it is not only a loss for the parents but this is the loss for the entire human kind.

With such incidents happening, one has to become extremely cautious when it comes to dealing with children because not all places of the world are safer anymore.