Tips on how to control mood swings

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Tips To Control Mood Swings
mood swings mania
Tips To Control Mood Swings

Are you one of those people who in a minute feel good and fine and in another feel like a wave of sadness has swept away their peace? Well, if yes, then you need to re-think what are the major reasons behind your mood swings and why are you feeling this way. Nothing is worse than experiencing an emotional shift in the brain because of the minor issues that trigger a trail of worst thoughts. For some, as we say, “mood swings” may occur when one is overburdened with stress and the clouds of anxiety surround them. Sometimes, they may occur because of the hormonal shifts within the body. It is not always that we can prevent the happenings which ruin our peace but we can surely take care of ourselves in order to stay unaffected from them.

Here are some genuine tips which will help you to control your mood swings –

Take time out for yourself – Buddha once said: “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”. This quote denotes the importance of self-care. Half of our problems would be solved once we start caring of ourselves. We need to analyse what things trouble us, what makes us happy and what brings peace to us. Take time to stay alone. Sit alone and try to solve all problems which puzzle you. With a vigilant eye, observe things around you. One by one pick your problems and solve them. Once the problematic pattern is out of your brain you will be able to deal with your mood swings in a better way.

Avoid caffeine and other drugs – Caffeine can surely trigger mood episodes and lead to mood swings. It may also contribute to increased blood pressure and anxiety if you consume it in a greater amount than needed. If in any way you are aware that caffeine is adversely affecting you and contributing to the majority of your mood swings you should reduce its consumption. An overdose will surely make you jittery and even if you aren’t prone to mood swings you will be affected because of the over-consumption of caffeine which is a stimulant.

Eat right foods and eat frequently – Many a time, you become irritable when you are hungry. Your brain is not able to function properly and you sound agitated all the time. It is really important to stay well fed in order to avoid such emotions of unrest. Our poor food choices and skipping meals because of busy work schedule cause our emotions to become unhinged and lead to mood swings. Also, blood sugar level drops and panic start overlapping when you go too long without food. So, eat healthy food at regular breaks.

Control stress – Everyone gets triggered because of some kind of stress which brings them into a bad mood. Whenever you feel stressed, the best solution to deal with it is to first know your triggers and later deal with them. Once you learn to avoid the triggers, you will surely be able to control stress. You just need to stay put and think about the solutions. It is important to develop the stress-coping skills first which will help you in controlling mood swings the next time you will be encountering them. Explore more options for avoiding triggers.

Indulge in self-care – Half of the problems in our life will be reduced only if we start taking care of ourselves. Putting your feelings and emotions before anyone else’s is of extreme importance. One should regularly take time to read books, listen to music or indulge in any kind of activity which brings pleasure to him/her. Make your house a calming place where you can relax at the end of the day. Remember, you are your soul and your body is its home so take better care of it. Be conscious, practice mindfulness and start staying calm.

Improvise sleeping habits – Being overtired makes you a maniac. You start getting irritated over every small thing and every little thing affects you and disrupts your peace. Watching late light movies, surfing the net and juggling between various social media platforms have become a part of the lifestyle. But, people have forgotten that it is extremely important to relax your mind and body in order to prepare it for the next day. For avoiding irritation and mood swings you should take a warm bath, relax your mind and have a sound sleep.

Talk about the problems – Experiencing emotions is a part of human behaviour. Mood swings are also one of those emotions. If something within you is troubling you and preventing you from leading a normal life then there is a need to about the problem. Share your problems with friends and family. Talk about it and derive solutions to eliminate it. This will help you in adjusting the mood fluctuations in a better way.

Remember, we are humans, we all carry a wide range of emotions in our heart. So, if you feel mood swings this time, do not panic, just try to control them in the best possible way.