Top Places to Visit in India in December

Places to visit in December

Places to visit in December

In a vast country like India which boasts of varied landscapes, there is some festival or fair to be enjoyed in every season. If you hate the cold, smoggy winter months of the north, take a long break along the warm, coastal getaways. If snow and winter sports are your thing India has much to offer. Here we bring you a list of the top places in the country that you may want to visit in December. From the luxuriant beaches of the south to the snowcapped Himalayas of the north and from the rich tribal heritage of the Northeast to the white sands of the west, India has an incredible variety of offerings to the traveler who doesn’t want to stay home over the year end holiday season.

Kohima (Nagaland) – The Hornbill Festival that is held each year in early December in the capital city of Nagaland, Kohima, is an experience that you are likely to cherish for a long time. This year President Kovind himself shall be attending the inaugural ceremony. This is the best opportunity to witness the colours and the cultural splendour of the North East and to enjoy the various tribal song, dance, and martial arts displays of the region. Do not forget to try the unique cuisine of the Nagas.

Kutch (Gujarat) – The white desert sands, luxurious tents, and a variety of sporting and cultural activities – the Rann Utsav is an experience of a lifetime. Book your stay well in advance and indulge in activities like paragliding, shooting, archery, star gazing, and curio shopping in the desert sands of India’s culturally steeped region. The song and dance performances of the locals are mesmerizing, the bonfires dreamy, and the cuisine fit for royalty. The Rann Utsav is held between end November and the first week of December and is the best time to visit the western state of Gujarat.

Kannur (Kerala) – The Dance of the Gods – that is how Theyyam, Kerala’s ancient dance form, is referred to. each year from November through February or March the temples of the state hold grand Theyyam performances that go on through the night. The impassioned dance and song sessions are sure to impress you. This December head straight to Kannur where Theyyam performances are held every night at the Parassini Kadava Sri Muthappan Temple. Also do visit the Payyambalam Beach, St Angelo’s Fort, Tellicherry Fort, Thottada Beach and indulge in the local seafood delicacies.

Goa (Goa) – The Sunburn Festival may have moved to Pune but Goa is still the most happening destination over Christmas and New Year. December is the best time to visit the beautiful beaches of this state. Party through the night at Vagator, Baga, and Anjuna beaches. Spend the days indulging in the warm sun and soaking in the beautiful sights or tasting the delicious seafood in street side shacks. Do remember to plan your Goa trip well in advance, though, as it tends to be rather crowded in the month of December.

Auli (Uttarakhand) – The snowy fields of Auli in Uttaranchal come alive in December. From skydiving to skiing, trekking to mountaineering, this quaint town in Uttarakhand has everything that an adventure enthusiast may want. If you tire of the sports take a long walk along the pristine white mountain roads. Visit the highest artificial lake in the country, Joshimath, Chenab Lake, Garso Bugyal, and Bhavishya Badri temple. Enjoy the warm hospitality of Uttarakhand this December.

Kaziranga (Assam) – Kaziranga National Park, home to the majestic one horned Rhinoceros, remains open from October through March but December is by far the best season to visit. Not only is this the best time to take numerous jungle safaris and spot the rhinos, tigers, elephants, baboons, and wild buffaloes, this is also the peak birding season. Birds from colder places such as Siberia migrate to Kaziranga during the winters and the park turns into an ornithologist’s paradise.

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) – Tamil Nadu is one of the places in the country which is closest to the Equator. This makes it warm and equitable in winters. The real attraction of this culturally rich city is the Music Season that runs from mid-December to mid-January. Accomplished classical musicians and amateurs alike perform every evening in various auditoriums across the city. Each evening large crowds head out to enjoy song and dance performances that run through the evening into the late hours. The Music Season attracts tourists and classical music aficionados from across the country. While you’re there visit some of the most historic temples, beaches, and museums of Chennai.