What is National Air Sports Policy (NASP) 2022?

Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia launched the National Air Sport Policy (NASP) 2022. It has been established to develop top-notch air sports facilities, equipment, trainers, and services. India’s NASP 2022 would be among the top sporting nations by 2023. The policy ensures that air sports will be available in India and will be enjoyable, affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

As the name implies, air sports include a variety of sports that use the medium of air. These include activities like skydiving, paramotoring, hang gliding, paragliding, air racing, and aerobatics.

India has the potential to be one of the top nations in the world for air sports. It boasts a sizable landmass, diverse topography, and pleasant weather. Many individuals, especially young folks, are present. There, flying and adventure sports are growing in popularity. The NASP 2022 is a step in that direction, claimed the Minister of Civil Aviation in a statement.

The term “air sports” refers to various athletic contests conducted in the air. India, a developing country, has the potential to dominate the world of air sports. Air sports can be promoted in India thanks to its broad geographic region, good climate, and large population, which includes a considerable percentage of young people. The next generation will participate in more air sports, and these sporting events will take place in the air.

The key objectives of NASP 2022 include the following:

a) Promote air sports culture throughout the country

 b) Adopt international best practices for safety, including but not limited to air sports operations, equipment, maintenance, and training

 c) Promote India as one of the world’s premier air sports hubs

 d) Establish a simple, flexible system of government

e) Create a straightforward, accommodating governing structure

f) Improve the performance and participation of Indian athletes in international air sports events

g) Encourage the design, development, and production of air sports equipment in India to support the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

The policy will cover the following air sports in India: 

  1. Aerobatics
  2. Aero modelling and model rocketry
  3. Amateur-built and experimental aircraft
  4. Ballooning
  5. Drones
  6. Gliding and powered gliding
  7. Hang gliding and powered hang gliding
  8. Parachuting (including skydiving, BASE jumping, wing suits, etc.)
  9. Paragliding and para motoring (including powered parachute trikes etc.)
  10. Powered aircraft (including ultralight, microlight, light sports aircraft, etc.)
  11. Rotorcraft (including autogyro)

According to the Policy, four government entities have been set up, and their names are as follows:

  1. The supreme governing body is the Air Sports Federation of India (ASFI),

2. Regional or State and Union Territory level units of the national air sports associations, as appropriate (e.g. West/South/North East, etc.)

3. National associations for individual air sports or a set of air sports

4. As necessary, district-level air sports associations.