Which is the worst city to live in India?

Worst Cities to live in India

Worst Cities to live in India

Defining just one city as the worst city to live in India would not be appropriate. Some score good on one index and low on the other. Take a look at the capital of India. Every year Delhi welcomes hundreds of thousands of people from all across India as it has an edge over other cities in terms of infrastructure and employment opportunities. On the other hand, it also tops the list when crime and rape come into the picture. Same goes true for other cities as well. But one thing that is common in every city is the claustrophobic feeling. Above that, most of the cities lack quality of life, civic laws, policies and resources. These rank low on factors like low crime rate, law and order, civic sense, infrastructure, recreational facilities, basic amenities, institutions, accountability and indexes influencing quality of life.
In a study named ET-Janaagraha, residents from 11 cities were interviewed and evaluated on 21 parameters including infrastructure, urban planning and development. Majority of Indian cities scored an average between 2.5 to 4.0 out of 10 in comparison to the global benchmarks of London and New York, which is 9.6 and 9.3 respectively. We talk about creating hi-tech and global cities but the fact is we are not even close to that. We have to work hard on many issues, especially on quality of life to compete at global level and for the overall development of area, city and country.

List of worst cities to live in India

Kanpur – Kanpur is the biggest city in UP and 10th most populous city in India. This industrial hub is regarded as the worst city to live in India because of pollution, congestion and traffic. The city lacks urban planning, safety and is overcrowded.

Delhi – In the past couple of years, safety of woman has become a major concern in Delhi. The capital of India ranks low on safety index. Delhi, along with Bengaluru and Kanpur, is regarded as one of the dirtiest cities in India. Delhi is becoming more and more chaotic in terms of traffic because of increasing number of vehicles on roads.

Mumbai – Worst in terms of traffic, cost of living and ever-growing slums. Pickpocketing is also common in Mumbai. Trains in the financial capital of India are always overcrowded.

Chennai – Chennai has been added to the list of worst cities to live in India for its hot and humid weather. Apart from this, the city has drainage and water problems. Waterlogging is common during the rainy season.

Bengaluru – The IT hub is good at most of the factors but regarded poor in accommodating people from different parts of India. Moreover, the city is crowded and is experiencing an increase in traffic volume. Bengaluru has very narrow roads.

Kolkata – The City of Joy is known for its commercial theatres, literary and artistic heritage but has excessive pollution and ranks low on facilities like modern infrastructure and job opportunities.

You may have visited a city which you feel is not good to live. Share your opinion with us.