Why Did Sachin Pilot Lose From Ajmer?

Sachin Pilot

Sachin Pilot

Ajmer constituency really let Congress down.  The wipe out was too much of a moral setback for the party. It is not just the margin of 1,71,983 votes that is humiliating for Congress, but the fact that a party member’s diligence and developmental work passed into nothingness because of the governance failure at the center.

The sentiment had clearly been anti-Congress in Rajasthan, especially after the party witnessed a humiliating defeat at the assembly polls. Despite counting heavily on its development agenda, Sachin Pilot couldn’t sail through to a second Lok Sabha term. Reasons are more than one. To be fair with him, the Congress leader had too much on his plate than he could tackle. From lifting the morale of the party to managing the party’s campaigning across Rajasthan, expectations from him were almost close to impossible.

Pilot couldn’t reach out to his people in Ajmer and remind them of his performance and cite examples of work he has done as a Union Minister. He couldn’t even put up a very convincing fight against his BJP competitor.  Ajmer being a constituency that takes caste-equations seriously, Pilot could have probably seen this coming. Congress had gone into panic mode when the news of low voting in Gujjar dominated areas and comparatively higher voter turnout in Jat populated areas appeared.  Although pilot sought votes on the basis of the work he had done for Ajmer, the state-wide sentiment in favor of BJP government was too overpowering for a lone troubleshooter for Rajasthan Congress unit.


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