Winter is Coming; Here are 8 Tips on Childcare in Winter

Winter is Coming; Here are 8 Tips on Childcare in Winter
Tips for childcare in winter
Winter is Coming; Here are 8 Tips on Childcare in Winter
Tips for childcare in winter

The white fog is stationed outside your window visibly disturbing some of you who have some little ones at home to take care of. Indeed, winter is coming and along with it, you reminisce the moments of anxiety as the kids sneeze, go breathless due to cold and cough, give up on eating because of sore throat or just the feeling that their bodies might never be warm enough despite the layers of clothes you have adorned.

But kids being kids, the cold and the snow can never stop them from enjoying their winter plays. And low temperatures can lead to many health issues for kids – and injuries too.

Here are some tips that you can consider for your kid’s winter safety measures.

Tip 1: Layer up! Dress your child in woollen clothes, and make sure their head, neck and hands are covered when you take them out. Dress babies and younger children in one more layer than an adult would wear. Even so, beware of clothing hazards.

Tip 2: Play it safe! Don’t allow the kids to play in the early morning or night cold. Take them out when the temperature is warmer during the day. Check if their clothes get wet during the play or even while drinking water. If so, change them gently and put them back to their plays.

Tip 3: Apply moisturisers! Winter means dry skin and the skin of young children can get dry and crack. This can be very painful to them. So, apply a good moisturiser on them so that their skin can remain soft.

Tip 4: Eat right! Winter is the best time to enjoy the season’s healthy produce of fresh fruits and vegetables. Although worries prevail throughout winter due to the cold and children being prone to illnesses during this time, winter is also a great opportunity to build their immune system. It is believed that what you are during the summer is because of what you eat during the winter. So, feed your bundles of joy with dry fruits, fresh fruits and wholesome vegetables. Eating right can also prevent children from

Tip 5: Use caution around fires! If there are fireplaces in your house or you use electric room heaters, never leave your kid unattended.

Tip 6: Prevent nosebleeds. If your child suffers from minor winter nosebleeds, use a cold-air humidifier in their room. Saline nose drops can help keep their nose moist.

Tip 7: Keep them hydrated. In drier winter air, kids lose more water through their breath. Offer plenty of water and try giving them warm drinks and soup for extra appeal.

Tip 8: Keep your paediatrician as guide! Having a doctor that only treats you but also keeps you updated on how to better take care of the health of your children is a boon in disguise. So, keep in touch with your paediatrician, take his advices seriously and implement them. In case your kid develops some cough, get it treated without prolonging it.

Winter is a great fun time for everyone especially the kids. The cosy bed, lazy morning hours, the hot food and warn sun baths on the terrace, the season is a festivity for the kids. With the above tips, you can make sure that those little ones are insulated against the chill and they enjoy all that is fun about winter.