How Can Colours Affect Our Moods?

Sun and the Sea at the Sunset
The ethereal union of the sun and the sea at the sunset

Colors are closely and impactfully connected with our emotions and feelings. We all grow up with learning about colors and how it is an effective form of communication. For example, the color red symbolizes danger. With the help of colors, we experience a range of emotions based on what each color signifies. The significance of colors may not be specified but it is also true that color can dramatically change our moods.This is why we carefully choose colors while shopping for a dress, painting your room, or even choosing a phone cover.

The color’s shade and brightness can play a big role in changing the mood. There is no specific criterion as to how colors are categorized, but it is commonly based on how an individual reacts to it or what they feel for which color.

Warm colors

Red, orange and yellow is referred to as warm colors. They are bright and vibrant, also very attention-grabbing. These colors can evoke feelings of happiness, energy, or excitement. On the other hand, it can also symbolize danger, as it is very vibrant.

Cool colors

Blue, green, and purple like colors are referred to as cool colors. They have a soothing effect for which they are described as cool tones.

Colors like black, grey, and white are not categorized; but are often preferred to symbolize mourning and grief. 

The colors are not categorized following any particular technique or criteria; rather they are used as symbolizations, which are captured in our minds. How we find certain colors in nature also impacts how we feel seeing a certain color. The color green is mostly found in trees and plants for which makes us feel refreshed. The color blue is mostly found in water bodies such as the sea or oceans, and it makes you feel relaxed and it is also soothing to the eyes. Red is one of the brightest colors and is usually symbolized for alert, it also symbolizes danger. The color of blood is also red and blood also signifies war, fight, or violence. On the other hand, red also symbolizes passion. Yellow is the color of sunshine and it symbolizes happiness and energy. 

How an individual perceives each color, what they feel about it and how it influences their emotions depends on person to person.