Life Lessons Taught by Mr. Bean

Mr Bean

Mr. Bean is a comedy show played by actor Rowan Atkinson. The show Mr. Bean is produced by himself and is a British sitcom, which means comedy show. A series of episodes have broadcasted on TV, later on, came two movies called “Bean” and “Mr Bean’s Holiday”. An animated series of Mr. Bean has telecasted on cartoon channels. The character of Mr. Bean is unique, and it includes very minimal dialogues and supporting characters. A toy teddy bear is his constant partner seen in every episode. In each of his episodes comes a new adventure, a new exploration done by him and his teddy.

Mr. Bean celebrates his birthday, other events like Christmas and travels all by himself. In some episodes, we get to see his girlfriend “Irma”. Even though the show Mr. Bean does not have many dialogues or other characters like a usual film such as villains, friends, etc.

However, the show does full justice to its purpose, which is to make the audience laugh. Mr. Bean’s acting skills are incomparable to any other character. Audiences of all ages enjoy watching his show. Besides being a comedy show, it has also taught us a few life lessons.

Life lessons taught by Mr. Bean

  • You do not need a lot of friends or people to be surrounded by to enjoy life.
  • You can enjoy small things in life immensely.
  • You can creatively handle all your problems while thinking out of the box.
  • Talking less is not bad; our society often misinterprets introverts and has negative perspectives about them. It is not a crime to speak less.
  • The essential life lesson taught by Mr. Bean is to be yourself and enhance being how you are. Every human being has a different personality. Moreover, being different does not mean that you are unacceptable. As long as an individual is not harming others or the environment with their words or actions, it is not a crime to be yourself and not to be what others force you to be.