ABC of Bollywood

With a 100 years of Indian cinema, it is high time for the industry to have it’s own alphabet.  Here’s my ABC for one of the most important Cs in India – Cinema.


No  A for “apple” and  B for “ball.” Both the letters would be taught together. AB for “Amitabh Bachchan.”

C for “camera and cinematography” – most important for any movie. Without it, there would be no “lights” and “action.”

D for the “director,”  the captain of the ship.

E for – now this is easy! –  “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment”“ No prizes for guessing the person who gave this mantra! 🙂

F for fans. If stars make the movie, it’s the fans who make the stars.

G for glycerine. Yes, the most essential of all cosmetics. Melodrama will be left only with “melo” and no “drama” without this.

H for horror and hassi (laughter). We love both, don’t we ? Or, should I say hassi at hindi horror films! 😉

I for Inspiration. Copied ? Plagiarised? These words don’t exist in our dictionary. It’s quite another thing that everything from our stories to music to posters not to forget the name Bollywood are copied! Oops! Sorry,  just “inspired” by our Hollywood counterparts. We believe in “inspired living!”

J for just (honest) artists. Yes, I prefer to refer them by this name. They make the crowd in the movies and seem to get lost in it without getting their due.

K  for “K”!  Yes, the letter most film makers swear as the sure-shot formula for a super hit.

L is for love and romance – immortalised by Bollywood to such an extent that every girl dreams about a love story like DDLJ and a Raj in her life!

M is for the quintessential Hindi movie ‘maa’ and above all cinemaa.

N is for the naach gaana for which Hindi films are best known.

O is for outdoor shoots – one of the major reasons for a thriving tourism industry.

P is for producer. Or, more importantly, paisa! 🙂

Q is for Q & A’s. Endless questions from fans, family, friends and, of course, the paparazzi – who would ask about everything other than movies.

R is for rumors, rumours and more rumours! There is no escaping them when part of the film industry.

S is for the script. Actors do stuff only if the script demands. (Pun intended)

T is for trends. Be it clothes or hairstyles, Bollywood has been the trendsetter for anything and everything.

U for U (Universal) and U/A to A (Adults). Bollywood has something for everyone.

V is for voice – from dialogue delivery to background score. Vijay Dinanath Chauhan would not have been the same without Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone.

W is for the warning: “All letters in this list are fictitious. Any truth in the meaning is purely coincidental.”

X is for the X-factor that makes films so glamorous.

Y is for youthful. Who can say that Indian cinema is a 100 years old ?

Z for zzzzz (sleep). No, it’s for zestful! Bollywood is an industry which never sleeps.