Besharam Movie Review


Besharam Movie

Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Pallavi Sharda, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Javed Jaffrey

Directed by: Abhinav Kashyap

Music: Lalit Pandit

It seems like the movie makers have found the right technique for selling their films and earning big money. It is to release the film on a public holiday which would automatically bring a huge lot to the theatres. After Chennai Express, it’s the Ranbir Kapoor starrer Besharam which has been cleverly released on a national holiday. Abhinav Kashyap, the man behind Dabangg, tries to bring out another masala film which was supposed to hit the same notes as Dabangg. But did it turn out the same way? Not really! Besharam is an average entertainer with some scoops of action and comedy.

Plot: A good hearted orphan, Babli, grows up to become a car thief to feed the other children in the orphanage. He falls in love with a beautiful and educated girl Tara, who eventually convinces Babli to mend his ways.

Performances: Everyone is very much aware of what this heart-throb is capable of doing. The charisma and impressive caliber of Ranbir Kapoor has been lauded by the audience every time. He tries to bring out the same charm in Besharam. Indeed, Ranbir is brilliant with his perfect comic timing and honesty.

Debutant Pallavi Sharda has nothing much to do other than scowling throughout the film. There is nothing worth mentioning about her.

The cute pair, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor display amazing chemistry every time they appear on screen. The two Kapoors look fantastic and manage to induce good comic elements in the movie. Neetu Kapoor plays a gutsy and clever woman while Rishi Kapoor is a cute wife-abiding husband.

Javed Jaffrey was not so convincing and does no good for the film.

Sincere performance by the three Kapoors is what saves the movie from the possible failure.

Music: Ever since Saawariya, Ranbir’s movies have been associated with good music but with Besharam this tradition fails badly. Lalit Pandit, from the famous duo Jatin-Lalit, has been chosen as the composer except for the title track which has been composed by Shree D and Ishq Bector. Ironically, while the rest of the songs seem to be dull and old, only the title track is worth listening to. The soundtrack of Besharam is weak and unworthy.

What’s good: Ranbir Kapoor’s alluring charm and commendable comic timing combined with Rishi and Neetu Kapoor’s adorable chemistry- the only possible advantage of this film.

What’s bad: A thin script, a limping first half and too many songs with the 90’s touch terribly spoil the film.

Abhinav Kashyap’s attempt to come up with another Dabangg like entertainer does not really work well. Even though the theatres saw bumper-opening with good occupancy everywhere, the movie did not prove to be exceptional. While Grand Masti brought out the real “besharmi” to the audience, Besharam did not even stick to its title. Nonetheless, its always a treat to watch Ranbir Kapoor. Watch Besharam for spending a good time with family.

Verdict: Besharam will manage to give you a good time but will not impress you exceptionally!

Rating: **