Bhootnath Returns Movie Review

Bhootnath Returns Movie Poster
Bhootnath Returns

Bhootnath Returns

StarringAmitabh Bachchan, Parth Bhalerao, Boman Irani

Directed byNitesh Tiwari

Music: Ram Sampath and Meet Brothers

The thieves will hide and drop their guns, as our very own Bhootnath Returns! If the real ghosts turn out to be as sweet and frivolous as Bhootnath, toh party toh banti hai! Continuing from where its predecessor ended, Bhootnath Returns brings back the cute ghost back on Earth. A supernatural comedy in its genre, it aims on imbibing good morals in people with the help of light humor and emotion.

Plot: After being laughed upon in the Bhootland for not being able to scare a small child, the Bhootnath decides to return on Earth to rectify his reputation. He comes across yet another boy who eventually gives Bhootnath another reason to stay on Earth.

PerformancesNot in the past; not in the future! There can never be an actor as brilliant as the Megastar Amitabh Bachchan. The profound caliber and electrifying energy of this man is truly unbeatable in every sense. His expressions, his voice, his charm; everything that makes him what he is today is so just so magical. He is truly the star of the millennium!

Kids today are way more talented than the grown-ups who have done the same job for years. A new discovery, Parth Bhalerao is absolutely perfect as the little master of Dharavi. Despite being totally new to this industry, he manages to steal all the attention in his first film. Thelittle boy deserves much appreciation for his sincere effort to be at par with such a senior co-star.

Boman Irani brilliantly manages to draw enough attention to his character by adding different shades to his character.

Sanjay Mishra is that super-talented actor who enhances the screen presence of his co-stars with his laudable acting skills.

MusicUnlike its predecessor, Bhootnath Returns definitely has a very entertaining soundtrack.The album is an amalgamation of different styles of music. The songs, though not exceptionally wonderful, are definitely fun to be heard a couple of times.

What’s Good: A very noble message beautifully imbibed in the movie, terrific acting by the actors, an entertaining humor and interesting music score.

What’s Bad: A lumpy second-half, a stretchy length of the film and an overboard melodrama becomes indigestible at times.

While Bhootnath was much lighter and sensible, Bhootnath Returns is more on a fictional side. It comes out as socio-political satire designed to target the masses on a far more serious concern. The first half of the film is thoroughly entertaining thanks to the engaging chemistry between the little kid and Bhootnath. For the soulful intention behind the film and an enticing performance by the actors, the film deserves to be watched!

VerdictEnjoy the mischievous adventures of Bhootnath as he once again returns to the Earth!

Rating: ** and a 1/2