Hate Story 2: Movie Review

Hate story 2 Movie Poster

Hate story 2 Poster

Release Date: 18 July 2014

Starring: Jay Bhanushali, Surveen Chawla, Sushant Singh, Siddharth Kher

Directed by: Vishal Pandya

Music: Mithoon, Meet Bros Anjjan, Rashid Khan

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

The sequel of some movies sometimes makes us to wonder whether there was actually a first part! Such is the case with today’s release Hate Story 2. Not many of us might have even heard the name of Hate Story starring Paoli Dam and Nikhil Dwivedi as the lead pair. The film obviously failed miserably at the box office, yet we have its sequel running on the in the theatres today. Hate Story 2 is a thriller film based on a revenge story of girl who avenges the murder of her love.

Plot: Sonica, a budding photographer, is a helpless mistress of a big politician Mandar who controls her every single breadth. The girl falls in love with her classmate but the cruel politician gets the boy killed. This urges the girl to take revenge for her boyfriend’s murder.

Performances: Surveen Chawla surprisingly does an amazing job in this one. She is much impressive in her acting skills and quite presentable too. Expecting such a fine performance from her could have never been possible had I not watched Hate Story 2. This definitely makes for a good start for her career in Bollywood.

Jay Bhanushali doesn’t really have a role of content in the film. In the couple of scenes he had, he wasn’t any exceptional.

Sushant Singh has done a phenomenal job as the villain in the story. The devilish impression expected out of him was very much carried out well by this experienced actor.

Music: The music of the film has some soulful numbers which stick to the mind after listening to them just once. The best one for sure is the revised track from the film Dayawan, called Aaj fir tumpe. Another interesting track is that in which Sunny Leone spells her magic and its called “Pink Lips”.

What’s Good: The narration of the film makes it an interesting watch as a thriller. An actor like Sushant Singh featuring in this film is too good a deal. Surveen Chawla is quite good to watch. The songs are good enough and the story a decent one.

What’s Bad: The love sequence between Surveen and Jay was totally amateurish. Certain dialogues of the film are too tacky to be heard and the awkward erotic scenes between the couple were totally unnecessary.

In spite of being rated as a B-grade movie, Hate Story 2 did manage to gather much audience at the theatres. I wasn’t really expecting the film to be watchable even. But to my surprise, the film actually had a thrill factor as it promised. If not exceptionally good, the film is at least watchable for the entire two hours. So if you don’t really have much to do this weekend, you can spend your time watching Hate Story 2!

Verdict: Don’t go by what Hate Story had shown, this one is actually better!

Rating: **