Highway Movie Review


Highway Movie Poster

Starring: Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda

Directed by: Imtiaz Ali

Music: A.R Rahman

Watching movies made by a director like Imtiaz Ali makes you incredibly proud of the Indian Cinema! If there is one director who has the perfect bent to revolutionize the movie-making, it is this talented gem. With just two films old, Imitiaz Ali has already entrenched himself as one of the most exceptional directors of bollywood. Jab We Met, Rockstar and now Highway, each of his work is truly a masterpiece! Highway, Imtiaz’s latest endeavor, is something so captivating that one cannot help gaze in awe. Its fresh and beautiful!

Plot: The daughter of a rich business tycoon gets randomly kidnapped by a group of dacoits. Much to her surprise, the journey that she undertakes after being abducted is actually the journey that leads to her freedom.

Performances: Featuring in an Imtiaz Ali film has so far proved to be the turning point of the actor’s career. It seems Alia Bhatt is also going to follow the same footsteps! In contrast with the glamorous avatar of her last film, she is seen as a an aesthetically simple girl in this one. With the kind of innocence and vulnerability Alia has portrayed, it won’t be wrong to say that Highway is entirely her movie! She is a potential star and she has proved that in her second film!

Randeep Hooda is probably the most underrated actor of bollywood. This man is exceptionally natural in his roles and has the fine capability of emoting through facial expressions. Even without speaking much in the film, he manages to make a strong impact on the audience.

Music: When the legend himself is at work, the chances of going wrong are almost zero! The music of Highway has been composed by the global star, A.R Rahman and has beautiful compositions in its kitty. The songs are soulful and hummable. While some tracks fill in a vibrant energy in the air, the others let you enjoy a peaceful time with yourself. You just can’t get enough of repeating the tracks again and again!

What’s Good: The most notable thing about Highway is its visually enriching cinematography. This is one film that will make you fall in love with the varied topography of India. The visuals of nature shown in the film are extremely mesmerizing. The other good notes of the move are its soundtrack and the performance by the actors. The script is fresh and engaging.

What’s Bad: The film may not appeal to those who aren’t much attracted by the depth of silence. The film, which has otherwise taken care of minute details, lacks a believable plot.

Highway is a much intriguing film with impressive elements like scenic visuals, enchanting music and a smashing performance by the actors. One of the best reasons to watch the film is that it engages you so much so that you start wishing that this journey never comes to an end. It is definitely not a typical bollywood film and that is what makes Highway unique and interesting.

Verdict: Watch Highway if you like to embark on long journeys!

Rating: *** and a 1/2