Himmatwala Movie Review

Himmatwala Movie Poster
Himmatwala Movie

Starring: Ajay Devgan, Tamannah, Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar, Adhyayan Suman

Director: Sajid Khan

Music: Sajid- Wajid

Remakes provide young directors a chance to bring out new visions and give the classics a fresh outlook. But, it seems Sajid Khan has lost his own vision while trying to create something unusual! Himmatwala , the remake of the 1983 blockbuster with the same name, lacks novelty in direction! In trying to bring back the melodrama of the 80s, Sajid Khan has failed dramatically to do any good to the film. Retros are always fun to watch, but  remakes like these end up becoming illogical spoofs!

A UTV Motion Pictures and Vashu Bhagnani production, Himmmatwala is a Bollywood action-romance flick with Ajay Devgan as Jeetendra and Tamannah as Sridevi, from the original version. The story revolves around a poor and a wronged woman’s son, who after long years returns to take revenge for his father’s death. The mother-son emotional drama, the hero-villain intense fights, the heroism and the typical romance is what follows. The story has been tampered at a few notches in trying to deviate from the original.

Ajay Devgan has unfortunately made a joke of himself in the movie. Still trying to figure out what made him sign this non-sensical drama! Tamannah, an extremely beautiful girl, is amazingly good in her bollywood debut, but not as good as the legendary Sridevi. She carries out the 80’s style well and positions herself well with the senior actors. Both, Paresh Rawal and Mahesh Manjrekar,try to add life to this dead movie. They are hilarious but lack consistency. Adhyayan Suman has as usual acted dumb.  The other characters have convincingly added to the over the top drama.

The film has peppy numbers from the 80s. Songs from the original film have been renovated to add masala to the film. The popular tracks “Naino mein sapna” and “Taki Taki’ will definitely make your feet tap. The dialogues are very typical and seem to generate forced comedy. The duration of the movie is annoyingly long make it even more difficult to bear.

Overall, the movie is an over-hyped comeback. Sajid Khan’s claims of bringing back a blockbuster have failed pathetically. One actually needs to have a lot of “himmat” to sit through the movie! Please avoid giving unnecessary torture to your senses. Give it a big miss even if you have absolutely nothing to do!

Verdict: Watch at your own risk! You might actually be able to sit motionless for hours!

My Rating: *