Honsla Rakh Movie Review

Release date: October 15, 2021

Run time: 2 hours, 25 minutes

Director: Amarjit Singh 

Starring: Diljit Dosanjh, Shehnaaz Gill, Sonam Bajwa and Shinda Grewal.

Produced by: Daljit Thind, Diljit Dosanjh


It is a funny movie with a comic plot focusing on the family, a rising star, two beautiful girls, and a talented kid. The film is a perfect choice of script, which delivers the expected unlimited fun entertainment. 

Honsla Rakh makes the perfect use of the opportunity and all four elements to the maximum by fulfilling the higher expectations of the audience by offering an ultimate entertaining film.

Directed by Amarjit Singh, it follows the basic format, which starts with a fantastic song and then takes its own time to introduce the preface and the main characters. The audience then slowly gets to know the present and past story of the only father, Yenkey Singh (Diljit), and his son Honsla (Shinda Grewal), after his divorce from Sweety (Shehnaaz Gill)

This first hour of the film slowly picks up not with totally a laugh riot but with some fantastic enjoyable sequences which regularly come before intervals. The main thing is that the movie keeps it going is the blockbuster and excellent chemistry between Diljit and the sweet kid Shinda, which leaves a big smile on the faces of the audience.

The whole scenario changes once the beauty queen, Jasmine (Sonam Bajwa), makes a tremendous entry right before the interval and lightens up the screen with her fabulous presence. The second half of the film then becomes far better when Diljit, Shina and Sonam spend a great time together until Shehnaz returns to the climax, resulting in funny, chaotic entertainment. Incidentally, the film is quite similar to Smeep Kang’s movies which are made on mistaken identities.

Despite becoming popular and the additions of amazing melodious songs, Honsla Rakh is getting hit because of its funny, engaging comic narrative, well-written dialogues, and highly lovable performances. The glamorous Shehnaz Gill is adding five stars to the movie. Leading by the youngest star Shinda, the cast shines towards the end, and the kid acts incandescently by showing no signs of nervousness.

The child is winning the audience’s hearts along with Diljit, Sonam, Shehnaz, and the people are having a great time, especially in the last 30 minutes of the movie ending on a hilarious note. Shinda (the son of Gippy Grewal), it feels great to see a blockbuster Punjabi star casting the son of another superstar of Punjabi cinema, spreading positive vibes.