Is Dhanush following Rajinikanth in his footsteps?



We live in a country where cinema is followed as a religion and film stars are worshipped like Gods. The best paradigm of this credence can be seen in the exorbitant stature of the superstar of the South, Rajinikanth! He is by far the most adulated God of the South. Though it is an irrefutable fact that the eminence of this superstar cannot be acquired by any other superstar, his own son-in-law seems to be trying to walk the same path as him. The overwhelming stardom of Dhanush is a word of mouth for anyone and everyone who has had a taste of his work. Despite of having the special pedestal of being superstar Rajinikanth’s son-in-law, he has drawn his own path of success in the South.

Irrefutably a growing superstar

A superstar himself, Dhanush has been married to Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya for ten years now. In his words, the legendary status of his father-in-law was never a reason for this union. Unperturbed by Rajinikanth’s success, Dhanush has earned a podium of popularity all by his own charm and calibre. The versatility of his work has been proudly appreciated by the critics and lauded by the audience. Ten years in the industry and he is already a sensation down South! The way his career is shaping up people have already started mounting great expectations from this simple man who turned into a superstar right after his second film.

Carving out a niche for himself

Dhanush is not only a genius actor but is also an equally brilliant singer as well. He is a well-versed composer and lyricist too and loves writing his own songs. His childhood interest in music has turned him into a musical prodigy today. With his exceptional abilities, he is able to play any tunes that he listens to on the keyboard. The much popular song Kolaveri Di, whose music was composed by an equally talented composer, broke all records by becoming the most watched song on Youtube and Dhanush’s popularity saw a major shoot-up nationwide. Today, this innocent face is not just a superstar son-in-law; his magnificence is much beyond that! He is the potential God of the South! And he has started making strides in Bollywood too, with his next feature being with none other than Amitabh Bachchan.

While Dhanush himself wants to build his own castle of stardom, the comparisons between him and his father-in-law cannot be carved out. Whether by inheritance or for his own individuality, he is being thought of as the shadow of the living legend Rajinikanth. As for the presuppositions of the crowd, we can only say that time is the best judge to decide about the fate of these two blessed individuals!