Kill Dil: Movie Review

Kill Dil


Kill Dil Movie

Release Date: 14th November 2014

Starring: Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra, Govinda

Directed By: Shaad Ali

Music: Shankar-Ehsan-Loy

Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

There was a time when the movies produced under the Yash Raj banner had an exceptional value and were eagerly awaited by the audience. That eminence of YRF seems to have lost its path somewhere after the unfortunate demise of Yash Chopra. What’s left today is just a repetitive grind of stale plots and frittering away of potential stars. This is exactly what happens with Kill Dil as well! Director Shaad Ali’s Kill Dil is a romantic thriller that terribly losses on its soul due to a faulty direction.

Plot: A Street-side hood rescues two babies from a bin and raises them to become his sharp shooters. At the behest of their father-like boss, they accomplish ample killings with élan until one of them falls in love with a rich girl. There begins the fight between the good and the bad.

Performances: Ever since his debut, Ranveer Singh has not only delivered smashing performances each time but has also managed to grow stunningly as an actor. It is truly amazing to watch an actor work with so much sincerity and hard work. Despite of having done a similar kind of a role in Gunday, Ranveer Singh looks endearingly fresh and different. It is only due to his charming self that this seen-before character becomes thoroughly interesting and memorable. This man definitely has a long way to go!

Ali Zafar does a good job in supporting his co-actor. Despite having a cute face that makes him a misfit in the film, he manages to prove his worth as an actor.

Parineeti Chopra looks ravishing with a glammed up avatar. It may not have been her sort of a film but she has put her best efforts in living up to the expectations of her character.

What is disappointing to watch is how a purely talented actor like Govinda gets wasted in the film. Had he been given a meatier role in the film, the film could have been on another deck. But it was thrilling to watch him sway in his own style.

Music: The music of Kill Dil has a fairly unique flavour to it. The partnership between Gulzar and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy delivers some unconventional numbers that manage to grab your attention. The songs are a unique blend of retro and contemporary style. The title track needs a special mention for its novelty. The best from the lot- Sajde and Kill Dil!

What’s Good: An endearing performance by Ranveer Singh brings soul to this stale plot. The chemistry between the couple is quite interesting and so are the songs. Also, the dialogues in the movie are quite impressive. The first half is good to watch.

What’s Bad: The drabness of the plot combined with a sloppy direction. The second half of the movie sloshes the thrill and the movie loses its essence. The climax brings the little interest left to a bland zero!

Yash Raj’s Kill Dil is a sad case of a potential hit gone miserably wrong! The movie begins on a good note with much zeal and enthusiasm but turns unbearably damp with progression. Ranveer Singh delivers yet another captivating performance! Sincere efforts of the actors get badly overshadowed by a messy execution. Had the climax not been so clumsy, the film could have actually managed to be smashing success.

Verdict: Watch Kill Dil for a heartfelt performance by Ranveer Singh!

Rating: ** and a half