Laila Majnu Movie Review – Retelling of a classic Love Saga

Bollywood Movie Review

Bollywood Movie Review

Directed by: Sajid Ali
Produced by:  Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Preety Ali
Screenplay by:  Imtiaz Ali, Sajid Ali
Starring:  Avinash Tiwari, Tripti Dimri
Music by: Niladri Kumar, Joi Barua, Alif
Cinematography: Sayak Bhattacharya
Production company: Balaji Motion Pictures, PI Pictures

Movie plot: Directed by Sajid Ali, the movie Laila Majnu is the retelling of a classic love saga which is set in the modern-day Kashmir. Laila, a free-spirited girl from a conservative family falls head over heels for a spoilt brat who turns out to be successful in wooing her out of all the guys who wait for her to pass by outside her college. Qais imbues his Laila with his non-caring attitude, wooing and finally with the arduous love which he felt for her. There is a genuine fondness between them which can be witnessed in various scenes of the movie.

Coming to the later plot we find this movie is a typical Bollywood love story in which the families of the protagonists are warring over a property. As a result of this tussle, our lovebirds have pain and bleeding hearts and they are leading towards self-destruction.

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Movie review: The story of this star-crossed love between Qais and Laila fails to create a stunning effect. The film starts a bit slow in the beginning but picks up the pace when our hero Qais (Avinash Tiwari) is introduced in the movie. The cinematography is top-notch but there appears no point where we feel a disarming charm in the movie. Laila Majnu is simply a movie in which the love story of today’s youth is presented in a cliched manner. The way the relationship between Laila and Qais unfurls it appears frivolous and makes it hard to believe over their later devotion which they show towards each other. Several twists turns and situations are present in the movie to make this classic tale “contemporary”.

The setting of the movie in the streets of Srinagar mesmerizes the viewers. Both the protagonists, Avinash Tiwari, and Tripti Dimri, have left a fresh impact. Tiwari has intensity in his performance which makes him stand apart in the queue. The coordination of stars with the locals have been greatly managed throughout the movie. The characterization is highly flawed yet they partake something special in them.

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Our verdict: While the movie is titled “Laila Majnu”, the only true love we could see was of Imtiaz Ali towards his brother as he dared to make yet another romantic movie in a time when Bollywood is filled to the brim with sappy love tales. Ali brothers have tried hard to depict the problems in love life of today’s youth which makes this movie appear a bit relevant. Laila Majnu can make you take a leap of faith and start believing in love if you have lost faith in it. It can serve as a one-time watch movie.

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