Missing On A Weekend Movie Review

Missing On A Weekend Movie Review and Rating

Release Date: August 26, 2016

Starring: Karan Hariharan, Pawan Malhotra, Dishank Arora, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Shiva Dagar, Khushboo Kamal and Jyoti Sethi

Directed by: Abhishek Jawkar

Produced by: Rajesh Patange, Sebastian Joseph and Abhishek Jawkar

Story: Abhishek JawkarMissing On A Weekend Movie Review and Rating

Music by: Nakash Aziz, Akshay and Shaan

Duration: 1 hr 53 min

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Censor Rating: U/A


About Movie Missing On A Weekend

As an investigating thriller movie, Missing On A Weekend is about a group of friends who plan to spend their weekend in Goa and one of them dies while the others go missing. This 48-hours-of-investigation thriller, which seem to lack a layer or two, will keep you engaged. With Missing On A Weekend, the legendary singer Padmashree Hariharan’s son, Karan Hariharan is making his Bollywood debut. The movie also stars talented actors like Pawan Malhotra and Dishank Arora. It also marks the launch pad of Hariharan’s elder son, Akshay Hariharan as the film’s music director. All in all, Missing On A Weekend has a lot of new talent to watch out for, and an interesting and intriguing plot.


Missing On A Weekend is set in Goa and highlights the rising issue of crime relating to drugs in India’s favourite holiday destination. Playing the lead in the movie is Karan Hariharan as Laksh, who joins his group of friends for a weekend trip to Goa. The Goa Police finds him unconscious on the Calangute beach. Upon investigation, it is revealed that due to a deep wound on the head, Laksh is suffering from temporary amnesia. Later, Laksh reveals that he had been staying at the Morjim resort. When the police team reaches the resort, they find a dead body in Laksh’s room, followed by another dead body of a girl on a beach.

Then comes the CBI officer Ali Ansari (played by Pawan Malhotra), who tries to piece it all together and tries to find Laksh’s missing friends. Will Ali Ansari be successful in finding Laksh’s missing friends is what forms the crux of the film. What happens to Laksh’s friends? Whose bodies are discovered in the hotel room and the beach? Find answers to these questions by watching the flick this weekend.


As a stand-out debutant, Karan Hariharan alias Laksh has portrayed the character of a confused 20-something in a phenomenal way. His angry, frowning look has made the character highly believable. Other debutants in the movie, including Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Shiva Dagar, Khushboo Kamal and Jyoti Sethi have met the expectations of the audience and delivered remarkable performances too. Superbly talented actor, Pawan Malhotra has undoubtedly nailed the surprise thriller with his role of the CBI officer.

What’s Good?

Scenes involving the debutant Karan Hariharan and Pawan Malhotra are a must-watch. The climax scene has been shot excellently and you’ll also enjoy the action sequences in the movie.

What’s Bad?

Although all the newcomers in the film have put in their best efforts towards portraying their characters uniquely, they fail to make the movie engaging for the audience.


If you’re a fan of crime-scene investigations and suspense thrillers, then ‘Missing On A Weekend’ is for you.

Missing On A Weekend Rating ***