IITs Aim to Increase Seats to One Lakh by 2020

IITs Aim to Increase Seats to 1 Lakh by 2020

IITs Aim to Increase Seats to 1 Lakh by 2020

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar has approved the proposal of admitting non-resident students in the various IITs across India “in-principle”.

At present there are 72,000 students in undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate courses in the 23 IITs in India. All the 72,000 students are residential students living in the various IIT hostels. With the approval of this proposal of including non-residential students, the IITs aim to increase the total intake to 1,00,000 by 2020. “To achieve this, the IITs will have to waive off the condition which makes students stay compulsorily on campus. The institutes will depend on admitting more non-resident students,” said an official.

With a plan to increase the number by 10,000 per year, the authorities of the various IITs are now undertaking the exercise to fix the number of additional seats that they will be able to accommodate. This 10,000 will be divided into 4000 additional seats for the undergraduate courses, and 6000 seats for the post-graduate and Ph.D courses.  The officials aim to attract the IITians who graduate with a B.Tech to do a Ph.D immediately after that.

The last known increase in the number of admissions to IIT was when the OBC quota was implemented. The approval now to increase the number of admissions in the form of non-resident day scholars will be the biggest increase since then.

The approval of the proposal is indeed  good news for all the IIT aspirants. The JEE is a fiercely competitive examination in which nearly half a million students appear every year to seek one of the 7k seats of one of the most coveted institutes in the world, the IIT. The chances that you will make it, if you work hard enough,  from the next academic session has increased now, even if by a fractional percentage.

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