Raanjhanaa Movie Review

Raanjhanaa Movie


Starring: Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol

Directed By: Anand L.Rai

Music:  A.R Rahman

“True love is a madness most discreet, a choking gall and a preserving sweet” wrote William Shakespeare. And when that love is also the first love, it becomes the sole essence of our life. Such an essence is felt in this week’s entertainer Raanjhanaa. An unconventional, heart-touching story of a devout lover that articulates immense romance and vivid emotions of love.

Plot: The young innocent heart of a small Hindu boy falls in love with a simple and beautiful Muslim girl. With the course of time, the innocent childhood love deepens into passionate devotion. This one-sided love story takes a new direction when the teenage affair is forgotten and a new love story takes form. But this is not just the typical love-triangle. It has love, innocence, betrayal and pain. What happens to the consecrated lover forms the crux of this majestic love story.

Performances: It is truly a delight to watch Dhanush, the superstar of the south. With immense talent, gaiety and childlike innocence, this man swiftly captures the heart. The performance delivered by this marvel is par excellence. Sonam Kapoor looks magnificent both as a teenager and as young damsel. Though her acting skills lack superiority, her transformation is commendable. Abhay Deol, even in the few minutes that he is seen, has completely set his role on fire! Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub and Swara Bhaskar in supporting roles are the entertaining elements in the movie. Both of them outline pure talent.

Music: When it comes to the musical prodigy, A.R Rahman, the music has to be eternal. Eight tracks have been included in the music album of Raanjhanaa. The songs have a regional flavor in them which connects you to the city of Benaras. All the tracks are entertaining and soothing to the ears. The entire album is soulful and brimming with love.

What’s good: The script of the movie has a refreshing feel to it. It is not just a typical love story, it is something beyond. The profound acting skills of Dhanush will captivate your heart. The music of the film is another impressive element. The humorous scenes in the movie add flavor to it. The twists and turns throughout the movie will keep you glued to your seats.

What’s bad: The second half of the movie becomes a little confusing and lacks good screenplay.

Raanjhanaa is an ode to the unconditional love. It is a heart-touching story which will definitely leave an imprint on you. A must watch this week!

Verdict: This love story will definitely touch your heart chords! 🙂

Rating: *** and a 1/2