Sholay 3D Movie Review

Sholay 3D
Sholay 3D

Sholay 3D

StarringAmitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Amjad Khan, Hema Malini, Jaya Bhaduri

Directed by: Ramesh Sippy

“Pachas Pachas kos door jab bachcha raat ko rota hai toh maa kehti hai beta soja, nahin toh gabbar ajayega”

This is not just a dialogue, this is the augury of the ultimate villain of the Indian Cinema! If there is one film that can be epitomized as the National Film of India, it is “Sholay”! There is no doubt about the fact that each one of us must have seen this movie at least once in a lifetime. Having released in the year 1975, Sholay turned out to be a huge blockbuster of that year. In spite of being criticized as a “gravely flawed attempt”, it soon turned out to be an overnight sensation. The best ensemble star-cast, the evergreen soundtrack, the most impactful dialogues and immense entertainment altogether earned Sholay an iconic status in India.

In the era of remakes, when the director of the film was asked about Sholay’s remake, he said “Even Ramesh Sippy cannot create Sholay again”! As prophetic as it sounds, the remake of Sholay can never be attempted. Entitled with names like “All time blockbuster”, “Movie of the Milenium”, “Indisputable classic” and several others, Sholay is indeed the greatest film of the Indian Cinema. This is probably why Shaan Uttam Singh, the grandson of producer G.P Sippy, decided to bring back the legend back to the silver screen. And thus, after thirty eight years of long time span, we have Sholay back!

Aided by the magical powers of new technologies, Sholay was released today at the box-office with special 3D effects. So, did this enhanced addition of technology meliorate your experience? OF COURSE, IT DID! Who could have imagined that one could feel Gabbar smashing the bullets at your face or enjoy the electrifying dance by Helen almost as a live performance? The newly added 3D effects, color correction and digital graphics inevitably boost your visual experience. With a budget of 25 crores to edit each and every scene, it is clearly evident that the computer animator has definitely put in serious efforts in converting the film into a 3D format.

However, in spite of the hard work of the crew, not all scenes could be converted in to 3D and this is quite visible on screen. The Indian Film Industry still needs to conquer the 3D dimension as the effects created till date are quite hazy and shoddy. Some scenes are very cleanly converted while some appear blurred. The grainy texture of the older films has definitely been improved. The 3D effects have, however, added to the thrill and excitement of watching Sholay to a great extent, thereby, making it a much bigger and better experience.

3D or 2D, the comeback of such a legendary film is definitely a milestone in itself. For those who could not get the opportunity of watching the movie on a 70mm screen, this is your golden chance! And for those who were lucky enough, take pleasure in the exciting 3D visuals. Nothing better than beginning the year by watching the most iconic film of Bollywood!

Verdict: Relive the golden era, Go and watch Sholay today!

Rating (for 3D): **and a 1/2