Special 26

Special 26

This is a new Akshay Kumar film which is on a group of people conning business men and politicians by telling them that they are from the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). I had very high expectation with the film as it was quite hyped by the media. The film starts with the conning a minister.

What I liked about it is that the raid which the actors have carried out looks very real as they just don’t get the money at once before trying here and there. Anupam Kher acted very well in this film and I feel really that this is a great role offered to him after A Wednesday. In first half it gets a bit boring as no relation things are happening like Anupam Kher’s daughter marriage. I take it as a weak 20 min of the movie. Manoj Bajpayee entry was just fine where he is running to catch his son’s school bus. He is a real actor. You will never feel that he is not a CBI inspector. He proves that he stands in the league of actors like Naseeruddin Shah and KK Menon. My best scene in the film is when Manoj Bajpayee says to his senior: “Sir ghar ka kharcaha chalana mushkil hogaya hai, agar aap promotion or increment nahi karoga toh ma rishwat lena shuru karduga”. It’s really a fantastic dialogue.

There is also Jimmy Shergill in the film, though he doesn’t have many scenes in the film, but has shown good facial expressions. By not revealing much of the story, at last Akshay Kumar and his team win by looting a jewelery shop in Mumbai. The film has average dialogues, good cinematography and good screenplay. The movie is really good but I was having some more expectation. I will still give this movie 3.5/5 star and the actors:


Akshay Kumar: 3/5

Manoj Vajpaye: 4/5

Anupam Kher: 3.5/5

Jimmy Shergill: 3/5