V-Day or Love day?

Will you be my Valentine? This questions gets a lot of importance in February. They say love is in the air. Question remains when love is not in the air? On the contrary, should we say as we don’t get time for love and when we get a day to celebrate that or more correctly to express that we indulge in too much of superficiality? Is love only flowers and cakes and chocolates and diamonds? From when did material objects creep into this sphere?

Wasn’t love something to do with the heart, when it became an affair of the mind with the marketing strategy in place? Often not my friends come up to me and say what they got or bought on this day. As if this has become a ritual now. You have to give something to your loved one or else it won’t do. Diamond jewelry is of course the chosen gift and gold also rules the roost. Other things like roses and teddy bears, chocolates are treated as accessories that need to be presented to complete the picture. But what about the feelings? Does that remain the same after this exchange of valentine gifts? Or like they say in ads, after your loved one receives the gifts the smiles on their faces are priceless and for that you will pay any price?

Without sounding cynical or someone who is brandishing orthodox attitude what I intend to say here is that, we should of course celebrate Valentine’s Day, why not if that makes us happy. But we should not celebrate diamonds and goodies. Why objects are getting in between couples? What would you do if your loved one did not gift you anything on Valentine’s Day, and here by anything I mean something which can be shown off. Would you feel bad about it? Or it does not matter to you? These are some questions which have cropped up because of the changing scenario around us.

The question is not whether we should celebrate Valentine’s Day or not? Question is also not how we should celebrate it, no one can dictate others how to do it. Question is whether there is enough space for expression of love or it is suffocated by the celebration itself? Should that situation be there, we need to ask ourselves.  Is Valentine’s day gradually turning into a V-day when you attain victory of sorts or it is purely love day?

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