The Shaukeens: Movie Review

The Shaukeens

The Shaukeens

Release Date: 7th November 2014

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor, Piyush Mishra, Lisa Haydon

Directed by: Abhishek Sharma

Music: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Hard Kaur, Vikram Nagi, Arko Mukherjee, D J Notorious

Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

Just as any other aspect, Bollywood too has its own pros and cons! While there are movies which give you an enriching experience, there are those which are ridiculously brain-damaging. Abhishek Sharma’s The Shaukeens epitomizes the second category in the most perfect way. Touted as the remake of the 1982 classic Shaukeen, the film proves to be another exemplar of a disastrous transformation.

Plot: Three lecherous old men take up an exquisite trip to Mauritius in order to satisfy their sexual needs. Having found the reward of their efforts in a Bohemian homestay host Ahana, they try to woo her by all means. Thus begins the mess of love, lust and misunderstandings!

Performances: Despite of being a misfit in the film, Akshay Kumar proves to be only life rendering part to this utterly dead film. He is a natural and comedy is absolutely his forte. It is only to the mercy of his comic timing that one manages to sit through the film.

Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor and Piyush Mishra seem to be wasting their time and talent in such a loosely crafted film. Blame it to their weak characters, but the trio totally fails to do any good.

Lisa Haydon does effortlessly well until her character turns out to be draggy and irritating. After having impressed us with her unconventionality in Queen, there is more that the audience expected out of her.

Music: The music of the film is an unconventional amalgamation of some decent compositions. However the songs seem to be completely out of sync with the film. The latest dubstep style used in the song Manali Trance is one impressive thing about the album.

What’s Good: There is nothing to be termed as good though, but Akshay is definitely a savior in the film.

What’s Bad: Every single thing about the film is unapologetically disastrous!

Movies like The Shaukeens help us validate the fact that classics should not be touched upon unless you are very sure about the remake. Not only are such films injurious to the mind but are also disrespecting to the originals. It is high time for the directors to understand that cheap humour does not always sell. Daring to watch this film will prove to be an unwise decision of self-aligned mental torture. Spare yourself such a punishment!

Verdict: Avoid watching “The Shaukeens” in your entire life!

Rating: *