Collaboration Technology, Sharing of Network Tools

Collaboration Technology

Collaboration Technology

The term, collaboration technology, is frequently heard nowadays in the corporate world. By the word collaboration we can easily understand that there must be cooperation and partnership involved in this new technology. Actually in collaboration technology people work together with a broad range of tools which includes social networking, instant messaging, video, web sharing and lots of other things. That is, when two or more people work together with the help of a technology then the method can be regarded as collaborative technology.

There are many organizations that have started the use of collaborative tools for the steady flow of information and interactions among their own employees, clients and their partners. Several big corporate houses are evolving their own collaboration strategies so that they can solve business problems and encourage new innovations.

Collaboration technology is coordinated working with a common goal

We can take an example of social media which has completely changed our way of communication and interaction with others. Several companies have included this medium in their work places to change the traditional way of working so that a better understanding can be created amongst their employees in order to enhance their overall output. The employees work on a more coordinated way with a common goal.

This technology enables different teams to work together over geographic distances that accelerate collaboration, communication and problem solving process. This cooperative working environment gives birth to new working professionals called e–professionals who can work together regardless of their geographical locations.

Collaborative computing was first visualized by Douglas Engelbart in 1951 whose vision was documented in 1962.

The internet has made collaborative work very easy and almost instant with its low cost and one can share ideas, knowledge and information which gives communication a different  meaning altogether. This technology is being seen as a very strong medium where you can put your own ideas and opinions irrespective of your position which abolishes all the obstacles of time, language, culture, tradition and above all location. Collaboration technology does not suggest that everyone has to agree unanimously or there will be no option for individual to showcase their own creativity. Rather it helps people to work together at different locations in a secured environment.

Collaboration technology plays major role in today’s business world

Collaboration technology plays a significant role in today’s business houses as an evolution of a global work place has taken place, physical proximity of the employees have become very less. This technology enhances the smooth functioning of work in spite of geographical and physical distances.

According to studies, India has got a very promising future for the growth of collaborative technology. All the major global players have not only customized their products according to the Indian market but they have also designed their products at a very low cost which very well suit our needs. As the Indian corporate houses now understand the significant role of the collaboration technology to enhance their business flow, they are now investing in this segment also.

Everyone expects that this technology can be utilized for more knowledge-based work in future. It is very obvious that the corporate houses and the professionals are expecting more and aiming high from this technological wave than accepting only moderate improvements.

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