Top 10 Bollywood Movies Based on Real Life Events

2. Hey Ram (2000)

Hey Ram

“Hey Ram” is one of the finest Indian films directed by Kamal Haasan till date. It is a period film that portrayed the India-Pakistan partition, its consequences, and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse. The film’s protagonist Saketh Ram, belonging to a wealthy family, was a peaceful and family person. However, partition of India and Pakistan ignited religious tensions among communities and ultimately led to sexual assault on Saketh’s wife. Once this happened, Saketh was brainwashed into believing that Mahatma Gandhi was mainly responsible for the problems of his country. However, later the protagonist learns that the Mahatma taught love and peace, ultimately leading to change of his heart and mind.

Hey Ram went on to bag 3 National Film Awards and was also chosen by the Film Federation of India as official submission of India to the Oscars in 2000. It was screened at International Film Festival of India, receiving critical acclaim and reviews.