Youngistaan Movie Review


Youngistaan Movie

Starring: Jacky Bhagnani, Neha Sharma, Farooq Sheikh

Directed by: Syed Ahmed Afzal

MusicJeet Ganguly, Shiraz Uppal, sneha Khanwalkar, Shree D and Ishq Bector

At the time when the country is all set to elect its new government, watching a movie that brings clarity and wisdom in thoughts is certainly a wise thing to do! Debutant director Syed Ahmed Afzal’s Youngistaan, sermonizes the novel concept of Youngistaan, a nation that believes in the openness of ideas. As a blend of political drama and romance, the movie is certainly a welcome change in the typical political genre of bollywood.

Plot: After the demise of the Prime Minister of the India, his young foreign educated son is forced to take over his father’s responsibilities. Astounded by the sudden gush of serious responsibilities, he slowly begins to shuffle between his personal and professional while keeping in mind the well-being of the each of them. But whether the youngness in his ideas brings in the due change or not, is what forms the crux of the story!

Performances: After a long trail of unsuccessful projects, Jacky Bhagnani has finally chanced upon the correct venture. Not only does he look convincing as a Prime Minister, but is also able to bring in the right sincerity in his role.  There is a mystical charm in his demeanor that makes you adore him totally.

Neha Sharma looks fresh and serene but tries hard to blend in her character.

It is Farooq Sheikh that brings in the sensibility and firmness in the story. He was truly one of the most sincere actors of bollywood.

MusicThe soundtrack of Youngistaan is a short one with just four songs in its kitty. Overall, the album fare averagely in its worth but the song “Suno na sangyamarmar” is definitely the catch of the movie. It is one song that sticks to your soul even after listening to it once.

What’s Good: The film’s take on the political drama of the country is definitely commendable. The in-depth message that the film tries to market comes out really well. The sincerity in terms of acting as shown by the actors is truly convincing. The songs are good and hummables. The movie has a lightness that keeps you interested. The romantic and the political aspects have been taken care of very nicely.

What’s Bad: Certain gestures about the movie seem unrealistic if thought about practically.

Youngistaan, as a political drama, does not demonize the politicians by criticizing them. Instead, it propagates the change that the youngness and openness in ideas can bring to a nation. It simply brings forward a new take on the concept of politics and the governance of the country. Jacky Bhagnani puts serious efforts in realizing his character and this sincerity wins hearts for him. If you are a fan of Farooq Sheikh, watching the movie is a must as it is unfortunately the last piece of his work. Youngistaan is definitely a light-watch that keeps you entertained throughout the movie.

Verdict: Its time to witness change!

Rating: ***