The Most Burning Challenges of Modi Government And The Way Ahead in 2020

Nirmala Sitharaman
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present her second Budget in the Parliament on February 1, 2020.
Nirmala Sitharaman
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present her second Budget in the Parliament on February 1, 2020

Political debates have been building up and are turning out to be quite electrifying over the Union government’s handling of the core issues in 2020. The year 2019 began with a bang for the saffron party, the impact of Modi-Shah duo’s political determination left its mark across the country. A thumping victory in the Lok Sabha polls with 303 seats made the pair the czars of Indian politics. They took their decisions and moves together and got stupendous support from all quarters, which left the opposition parties clueless to flutter in their den. However, with the ongoing protests against the CAA and also the melting economy, the Modi government is facing quite a lot of flak. Here are some burning issues that can either bring the BJP up if they conquer these issues or topple their government if these issues prevail. 

The Rising Voices from the Opposition 

In a democratic country like India, you can’t keep the opposition mum for an extended period. The toothless political nemesis of the BJP dared to raise their trampled head and muster the courage to speak against the ruling party. The resistance of opposition stung the saffron party to deliver appropriate reply with full throttle. This led to feud and beginning of blame game between the two factions. Due to increased in mal-governance by the BJP, the public opinion is going slowly against the party. Due to this, the opposition is leaving no stone unturned to attack the Modi led government and corner them to a humiliating defeat. 

The Do or Die Delhi Elections 

State assembly elections reveal the proper functioning of the ruling party in the Centre. After the Lok Sabha polls assembly elections were held in Maharashtra and Haryana simultaneously. BJP has lost both the grounds. In spite of emerging as the single largest party in both states, BJP’s average performance was a blow to the party. Then the debacle in Jharkhand assembly polls in December 2019 jolted the saffron outfit. Therefore, the upcoming Assembly election in Delhi is going to be very crucial for BJP. 

Delhi polls crucial

From the political viewpoint, upcoming Delhi assembly polls scheduled to be held on February 8 would be a challenge for the BJP to wipe out its recent debacle in some of the states. The BJP will go all out to dislodge Kejriwal’s government. Kejriwal led AAP has roped in poll strategist Prashant Kishore to help the party to come in power for the second consecutive term.

However, the Union government has a plethora of issues to sort out in the year 2020. Modi government needs to bring out the economy of the country from the ventilator without further damage, create job opportunities, smother the soaring prices of essential commodities and also end the ongoing stir on CAA and NRC. Apart from these, the government has an abundance of issues to be solved in 2020, which is a hard nut to crack but not impossible.

Hindutva card

The BJP led government has passed several bills which were a landmark in history. The scrapping of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and the passing of triple talaq law, (which is a step similar to uniform civil code) are a few to be named. However, with the enactment of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, the Hindutva stance of the party has accentuated. If the BJP led government has to continue to exist, it must face the real issues which are troubling the country right now such as employment issues, GDP issues, falling rupee value issue, etc. By over-emphasising over its Hindutva stance and by giving it a supreme priority, the government is not only burning a hole in the pockets of the common man but also pushing its dirt of inabilities under the carpet. 

CAA & NRC fuel panic

The passing of CAA Bill and NRC are fuelling fear and panic in the country. It seems Amit Shah has pressed the panic button which led to the spread of wild protests in the entire country since December 2019. It is not a matter of a particular community; even people of all walks of life have joined their hands in this stir and are standing shoulder to shoulder demanding from the government to revoke controversial laws. In this hostile situation, implementation of CAA would be a testing time for the Modi government. Not to talk of non-BJP states, Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar (an ally of NDA) has cleared the air that NRC will not take place in Bihar.

Challenge for Modi-Shah

Nitish Kumar’s remark against the implementation of NRC in Bihar has mounted pressure on BJP. His voice against NRC would be the most worrying for the saffron party when the country is passing through tremendous turmoil on issues like CAA, NRC and NPR. Nitish said on Monday that nationwide implementation of the NRC was needless and had no justification. He made these remarks on the floor of the state Assembly. Meanwhile, Union Minister Amit Shah on Thursday said that assembly polls in Bihar would be contested under the leadership of JD(U) supremo and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

GDP dips 42-year low

The economic slowdown of the country is the most worrying factor for the people of India. The GDP and unemployment rate has touched a 42-year low, the agrarian crisis has been deepening, as well as the manufacturing sector is suffering. Companies in India are running in loss; retrenchment has sped up due to lack of money; several companies have to down their shutters. Soaring prices of essential commodities further rub salt into the wound. These are the significant issues to be sorted out by the Union government in 2020.

16 lakh fewer jobs in FY20

The economic slowdown has saturated the job generation in the country as nearly 16 lakh fewer govt jobs are projected to be created in FY20 compared to 89.7 lakh fresh jobs in FY19, a report said. Several states like Assam and Rajasthan have decided to cut the size of contractual labourers. Acute shortage of jobs has created some worry in the minds of youngsters.

Modi recites $5 trillion economy

In spite of India’s economy looking for its way into the ICU, Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to recite to make India a USD 5 trillion economy. 

Union Budget next month

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is set to present her second Union Budget on February 1. Saving the Indian economy from the slump down is a big challenge for the Modi government. The growth of the economy is expected at 5% in the current fiscal, which is the slowest annual growth since 2012-2013. Retail inflation has reached a five-and-a-half-year high of 7.35% in December. Middle-class people are hoping to get relief on income tax as corporate tax rate was cut from 35 % to 25%. Hopefully, the poor and the middle-class may get some satisfactory announcement in the upcoming budget.

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