Aam Aadmi Party and its Decisions

Arvind Kejriwal’s Janta Darbar ended in chaos. Many suggestions poured in from media and other eminent personalities. Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi also criticized this effort and tweeted that such events must not happen on the streets or the rooftops and these show lack of maturity on the part of government. She tweeted – “For God’s sake, Arvind and Team, Secretariats are not run from Roof Tops! Pl take time to listen/absorb! And then take considered decisions!”

She has openly favored BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi as Prime Minister on the basis of his experience. No doubt, experience matters a lot but someone needs to start to gain experience. Janta Darbar could not make it because complainants came in huge numbers which shows that people are frustrated and showing confidence in the AAP. Sensing that a similar kind of situation may arise in future Janta Darbars, the AAP has now opted for an online mode. Now the complainant can register the complaints online rather than in open meetings. These sorts of success and failures will teach them the much needed lessons and give the AAP the much required experience. But Arvind Kejriwal and his team are at least putting efforts to clean and organize the system.

India seriously needs leaders who can deliver their best for the country and it won’t matter if the leader is from AAP, BJP or any other political party. Anyone who cannot take everyone on the path of development must lead the country. People are looking for the change and they haven’t seen anything of this kind in the last few years. They are seeing a hope in the AAP and Arvind Kejriwal. Moreover, it is the first political party that has actually stirred the entire political system in Delhi on such a massive scale. Unlike other political parties the AAP does not believe in –ism, any religion and caste. Party is fighting hard to eradicate corruption. They delivered well on Delhi’s power tariff and water promise. Many top officials who were not performing well have been transferred within two days of AAP coming into power.

But as the party is new, sometimes the leaders of the AAP have different views and idealogies. The AAP must understand that the people’s participation is a must but their suggestions should not be sought on every agenda. Administrative decisions must be taken after considering all the factors. The same goes with the speeches they deliver. Recently Bhushan, the AAP’s member has commented on the issue of Kashmir and said that plebiscite should be held in J&K to decide whether people want to stay with India or not. Such kinds of remarks do not show any kind of effectiveness and must not be given when the entire nation is listening to you.

Also some sort of acrimony is going on between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. Anna in a very low tone claimed that the funds collected through the sale of SIM cards have been misused. He also said that the funds collected during the anti-corruption movement had been used by the AAP in its poll campaigns. But not even a single allegation was proved against Kejriwal. Then Anna said that his name should not be used by the AAP for its poll campaign. Through all this Anna tried to let us know that he is not backing Kejriwal in any manner.

There is no denial that the AAP is effective but it needs the right ideology. The party has to move on this path very carefully. For sure, experience cannot be gained at the cost of country and its people.