General Elections 2014 – Day 21

Arvind Kejriwal Factor
Arvind Kejriwal FactorIs managing Kejriwal becoming a full time job for BJP?
Arvind Kejriwal Factor
Is managing Kejriwal becoming a full time job for BJP?

The rank and file of BJP is unhappy with Arvind Kejriwal contesting from Varanasi against Narendra Modi, none of them think that Modi is going to lose, though. On conditions of anonymity, a senior BJP leader defined Arvind Kejriwal as  “a nuisance we could have done without”.  They are worried about the “time wastage” Kejriwal’s candidature from Varanasi would lead to. Narendra Modi is committed to 185 public meetings over next 45 days or so, that is a big number and that number would not leave Mr. Modi with any bandwidth to campaign in Varanasi.

Not too many people were amused in Varanasi with the Namo, Namo chant and Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi slogan, people saw it as an attempt to equate Modi with God, which in the city of Gods was not appreciated to say the least. Kejriwal Ji, on the other side, added his name to the list of people on whom ink has been thrown. Congratulations, Arvind Kejriwal Ji, welcome to the other side of the table. BJP’s official stand remained that there is a nationwide Modi wave and Kejriwal’s contesting would make no difference. They still feel that AAP would draw a blank. Draw a blank? Is BJP still in the pre-Delhi election mode of  “Aam Aadmi Party doesn’t exist on ground level” or is it a ploy to belittle and demotivate Arvind Kejriwal and party?

Officially speaking, Arun Jaitley went on record saying they consider AAP as their opponent only on TV. While making statements, Jaitley Ji sneaked in his first “larger” statement on government formation after elections. He said that it would be a “national government” and not a “personal government” of Narendra Modi, in first ever sign that the growing noise level within BJP is resonating in the ears of its leaders.

General V. K. Singh is a worried man, more equipped to field guns than to field questions, this is one battle General Singh is bound to consider tougher than any he has seen or fought in. He is fighting against 4 candidates and a ghost. Ghost is of party president Rajnath Singh, people of Ghaziabad are angry with zero report card of Rajnath Singh and the fact the he didn’t do anything to make Ghaziabad better, it remains a pale shadow of its neighbouring Noida. General Singh is yet to learn the political craft and understand that in politics, “no answer” is also an answer.  He has been giving enough ammunition to his competitors in the form of random statements.

Film star Hema Malini, who has got the ticket from Mathura, has hit the ground running and has invoked Godly intervention as her first act.  Going on record, the veteran actor said, “It is nice that I am contesting from Lord Krishna’s land and Narendra Modi is contesting from Lord Shiva’s land,”  and we can say WOW! Soliciting timely Godly interventions may not be enough for winning elections, or would it be? Talking about film stars and BJP candidates, Vinod Khanna once again managed to get a BJP ticket from Gurdaspur. If he gets elected, it would be his fourth term from this constituency, this star has some staying power.

Congress has been busy in playing Chinese Checkers in more places than one. In its latest move, it moved sitting MP of Anandpur Sahib to Ludhiana after Manish Tiwari excused himself from this year’s elections on health grounds. As things stand today, the battle for the Ludhiana seat is out in the open, AAP’s H. S. Phoolka has a slight edge as he was first in the ring and has been super-active since then. Congress has just yesterday moved Ramneet Singh Bittu from Anandpur Sahib and Shrimoni Akali Dal has brought in Manpreet Singh Ayali, so it looks like it is anybody’s game.

From being a self declared “better candidate” for Prime Minister’s post than Modi, Nitish Kumar has started shivering. No, he is not shivering because it is cold in Patna – he is shivering because he sees a distinct possibility of his Government falling immediately after the General Election results get announced. There is a strong resentment and he has lost quite a few senior leaders to BJP, its former ally and junior partner.


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