General Elections 2014 – Day 25

BJP should audit its decision making and executing process, it took all of seven days to formally expel Jaswant Singh Ji, whereas it should have happened hours after he filed his nominations from Barmer. BJP has another problem, they have Jaswant Singh Ji’s son as a sitting MLA from Rajasthan, he has taken leave for one month from BJP. Probably BJP alone is not aware that son has taken “leave” to campaign for father who is fighting as an independent against BJP’s official candidate. Another expulsion, probably after the date of polling?

BJP’s attempt to add prominent Muslim faces got a jolt from within the party, Sabir Ali’s induction in party was “put on hold” after allegations of his being a Dawood aide started making rounds. Red-faced BJP had to say things like, we need to put guidelines in place for people joining our party.  Wow! What an early realization.

You want it, I don’t. I want it, you don’t. TDP and BJP kept playing their we are together, we are not game with latest salvo fired by BJP against TDP for Telangana. Chandrababu Naidu is no doubt mighty upset over turn of events.  BJP has decided too swim solo in Telangana Assembly and Parliamentary elections.

There was a big showdown and all set for a fist fight in political debate/ face-off between Ananth Kumar and Nandan Nilekani for Bangalore South constituency. It is surprising, knowing the pressure Ananth Kumar is under this chaos was a writing on the wall. Kiran Shaw whose initiated apolitical grouping had taken this initiative hasn’t lost hope, they would be back with a different format.

Battle for Amritsar can turnout to be a three way contest, considered political lightweight, Dr. Daljit Singh, AAP candidate may succeed in giving a tough fight to BJP and Congress candidates. He is looking at 1:1 rapport with hundreds of thousands of people and is bringing in a different kind of campaigning to get into limelight. When the 79 year old ophthalmologist was asked about his plunge at the age of 79, his quick reply was all three contestants from Amritsar are senior citizens. While on Amritsar, Captain Amarinder Singh went on record saying that Badals and Modi have quietly sacrificed  Jaitley for hidden political objectives.

BJP had bad news coming from “neat and clean” Bhopal, BJP local leader and Ganesh Malviya and his wife Poonam Rai, Deputy Commissioner Income Tax, were caught red-handed is BJP’s media cell office in Bhopal. They were “assisting” a local builder who is also a BJP state level functionary in “sorting out” his income tax problem. All for Rs 10,00,000.00.

Hate speech can take you only as far as a prison, this is the message Election Commission conveyed while delivering Imran Massod, Congress candidate to prison.   Rahul Gandhi did not back-off from holding Saharnpur rally with candidate in jail, he halfheartedly tried to convert it to a sermon on being decent and dignified. No wonder comedy shows on TV are falling in TRPs.

Delhi is wondering, is it a coincidence that all three lead contenders decided to give only one women candidate a ticket from their party in this election, or was it a planned move. At most, Delhi can have two of its seven MPs as women. Meenakshi Lekhi of BJP from New Delhi has a chance and Krishna Tirath of Congress fights it out with Rakhi Birla of AAP for North West Delhi constituency. After all talk about women empowerment, this is what is dolled out. Autowalahs of Delhi played a significant role in AAP’s debut in Delhi, all is not well with AAP’s autowalah strategy. Autowalahs are a divided hous to begin with and for those who are still supporting AAP, local police and election commission officials not being very charitable. Strangely AAP is not doing anymore Dharnas on any issue, we wonder?

Arvind Kejriwal is wedded to housing problem, it ceases to exist for him, a few of AAP volunteers are always busy in solving his housing issues. They have to negotiate with Government for his keeping his official residence, they have to collect money to pay for its rent and now they have to find a hour for him in Varanasi to contest from, may God bless them.


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