General Elections 2014 – Day 3

Modi and Kejriwal
There is a war out there
Modi and Kejriwal
There is a war out there

Oooppsss Kejriwal denied appointment with Modi!!!!!  Esteemed guest Kejriwal is on a 4 day tour of Gujarat to assess the development claims of Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Before we get into the details, let’s take a brief look  at few of the praises that the guest has been heaping on the host since his arrival.

“The agricultural output is decreasing, small industries are shutting down, there is corruption in government offices, what is Modi doing?”

“Modi buys opponents or gets them killed.”

“Modi’s development claims are false.”

Well, with these kind of praises, what did he expect – that Modi would welcome him with a warm hug and serve him steaming hot chai with equally steaming samosas?

Kejriwal had no appointment with Modi but had declared that he would meet him, leaving poor Modi in lurch – chai, nastha kab mangaoon?

Jokes apart… the story goes that the police detained Kejriwal 2 km away from Modi’s house saying that he had no scheduled appointment to meet the CM. Then AAP member Manish Sisodia went to Modi’s office to seek appointment, which was obviously denied as Modi had a “busy schedule” and did not have time for an “impromptu meeting”.

Here, one must give credit to Kejriwal’s way of functioning. He certainly has a style.  He is introducing a new type of politics – entering into the enemy chambers and throwing open challenges. This style is emerging as a breath of fresh air amid the usual, decaying politics where polished politicians ranted, back stabbed and quietened situations with menacing smiles.

Kejriwal is suddenly the Angry Young Man of Politics. He reaches the enemy hideout in full media glare, heaps harsh accusations and tears their reputation. The enemy is left holding their heads – kya karey is naak me dum karnewale insaan ke saath? No wonder, when Kejriwal’s 49 days of governance came to an end in New Delhi, BJP leader Arun Jaitlely thanked God and said, ‘the nightmare is over.’

One must admit that Kejriwal’s style is making his opponents uncomfortable. In Gujarat, he visited Bhadreshwar in Kutch district. There he met the fishermen community who lived in poor conditions with no roads, no drainage system, no schools, not even drinking water. Now, this will certainly cause a small dent in Modi’s image. And at this point, where the election fever is rising, one cannot afford a dent, however small.

While we count the number of dents Kejriwal is causing, there are others who are monitoring him too. The Election Commission recently charged him for violating the Model Code of Conduct when he began his road show in Gujarat without prior permission. Now the Gujarat government has filed an FIR against him.  Yes, this election Kejriwal is the indeed the Angry Young Man who will give us lot of blockbuster masalas.

Talking about blockbusters, erstwhile actress and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha called up the fiery Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee, and wished her luck in the forthcoming polls. When politicians make phone calls or meet over tea, there is always more to the story. This phone call was no different. It seems Mamta had hinted that she wanted Jayalalitha to be the part of the Federal Front and would even consider her as a Prime Ministerial candidate. This hint came at a time when differences had cropped up between Jayalalitha’s AIADMK party and the Left Front. Apparently, Jayalalitha had offered CPI and CPM just one seat each, while their demands were for at least three. Now, it seems Jayalalitha does not want any pre-poll arrangements with the Left or the BJP. However, in her campaign rallies she has been constantly attacking Congress and the DMK but maintaining a staunch silence on BJP. Will this silence create some noise later? It waits to be seen.

Meanwhile, BJP has launched its election campaign with the punch line – Abki Baar, Modi Sarkar.’ By the end of the day, Modi will be staring at everyone from billboards, and people will be wondering – Oh! Really!

In another development, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has kick-started its three day annual meet. This meet intends to discuss the work done by the state units and some national issues. No, election and politics are strictly not on the agenda. Or so  they claim. Anyway, does it make a difference. India is a free country and anyone can discuss or say anything. Say anything?

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi had said something and RSS has decided to sue him. He made a statement that RSS had orchestrated Gandhi’s assassination and this has made the RSS see red. They have also decided to file a complaint with the EC.

The way it is going, the EC is soon going to have its hands full. It is like a Big Papa looking out for violations, addressing the bickering of the dissatisfied, fighting children…what else!

Talking about dissatisfaction, Congress leader Jagdambika Pal is a very dissatisfied man of late. He feels the emerging Congress leadership does not need him anymore and has quit the party. His next move is not clear as he is yet to decide.

How many disgruntled and dissatisfied leaders is this election going to churn? How many people will be sued and how many FIRs registered? How many alliances and how many divorces? This is what lends spice to the India elections.

Be there with us when we savor the spicy 2014 elections.

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