Has the CBI turned into a puppet

Central Bureau of Investigation

This is a question that is as subjective as it comes. CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) is a high level elite investigative body that is supposed to look into acts of crime committed by the highest denizens of India – the likes of people who have all the power such as the politicians and business owners. However, the one common argument against CBI is that it is always controlled by the ruling party in order to force its own agenda against its opponents, to corner them in whatever way they can, and gain any and every upper hand that they possibly can.

The situation right now

The 2019 assembly elections are only a few days away and we are seeing all the parties involved in the race to success amp up the pressure on each other. Once again we see CBI becoming a major part of the discourse over here. On one hand you have the likes of the ruling party BJP and on the other there is the opposition, where the CM (chief minister) of West Bengal and supreme leader of TMC (Trinamool Congress Party) Mamata Banerjee appears to be the moving force. The issue is presently over the CBI investigation into the Saradha Scam, where Banerjee is being said to be an important figure of sorts.

In fact, CBI has also issued arrest warrants against her and it is in protest of that she has organized a sit in protest platform. She has questioned where CBI was when the likes of Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi embezzled millions of rupees from India and escaped the country. In fact, she has also received the support from the likes of Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik who has till date maintained political neutrality. While the likes of Arun Jaitley and Narendra Modi have questioned the main aim behind the sit in, opposition leaders have met at the home of Sharad Pawar.

At this meeting they have condemned what they feel is the rampant abuse of authority by the national government. In fact, experts have also said that it is the CBI issue that can actually serve to unite the opposition. And, before the elections this is not exactly what BJP would like to hear. Very recently, this issue has brought to a halt the workings of the two houses of Indian parliament as well.

Where does this leave the CBI?

No matter how many fingers are raised at CBI regarding its lack of independence on the work-front it needs to be said that it has the full support of the Supreme Court.

The apex judicial body of the country has stated it quite clearly that the credibility of this investigative entity cannot really be doubted at the slightest. However, it also needs to be said that CBI needs to get its own house in order as well. Of late, there has been a case against a CBI constable for supposedly stealing INR 6 lakh during a search. It has also recently booked a couple of its own officers in a corruption case. Allegations of political servitude are debatable but these kinds of instances are not. They threaten the very integrity of the organization and that too in an objective way.