Indian Diaspora’s expectations from Modi Sarkar

People's expectation from Modi Sarkar

People's expectation from Modi Sarkar

The much awaited and much debated verdict of the General Elections of India is out. The BJP has won with a thumping majority, and Narendra Modi has been sworn in as the new Prime Minister of India, giving a new hope to the people.

With all the victory celebrations surrounding Narendra Modi’s victory, it’s time to start working towards the progress and betterment of the country. The cabinet ministry has also been formed and allocated responsibilities. The India that has voted BJP in power is waiting to see the change happen with lots of expectations.

This time, even the Indians overseas have built up a lot of expectations from this new government. Advice and recommendations are pouring in for the new government from the various corners. They feel that there will be a reform in the way India works.

Narendra Modi, during this year’s Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, had said that he would look into the issues faced by the NRIs. Now, the NRIs hope that he will keep his promise. He had said that it’s time we move on and look towards the NRIs not just as an investment source. He had said that he would involve the NRIs because they have a lot of global exposure as well as a very disciplined work culture. There is a lot to learn from their experiences.

What do the NRIs want?

They hope for a better education system. They don’t want the government to blindly follow the West. They want the Indian culture and its roots to be inducted through the education system but in a modern way, so that it can help in the development of the country.

The President of the Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP), Balesh Dhankhar, in Australia said that Modi’s victory has given the NRIs a hope for a new India. Many, including him, are planning to return to India.

Modi needs to create more and more jobs for the youth of the country so that they do not feel the urge to leave their country. Also the NRIs who have left the country can get the option of returning back.

This is a great opportunity for India to prove herself on the world stage.

But on the global platform, Modi is seen as a Hindu hardliner. But he is also known to be pro-business and pro-development, mostly due to the successful Gujarati communities overseas. The Gujarat model that he has developed has grabbed the attention of many international investors. This is already being reflected in the stock exchange, which has gained after the Modi win.

But not all expatriate Indians living overseas are happy with the win. Many are skeptical about the policies that the Modi government might adpot. There is mixed reaction about the verdict that the millions of Indians have delivered.

Many see the absolute majority as a negative point. This is the first time in 30 years that any party has formed a government with absolute majority. Many feel that it might encourage an autocratic style of rule.

A few feel he will make bring change like controlling commodity prices, infrastructure development, more FDI, etc., to boost the economy.

A few NRI organisations are of the view that Modi should utilise the strength of the NRIs just like China has done to attain economic power. The NRIs should be given the confidence to invest in India. There should be more scope of expansion and diversification of the existing business.

Also, some feel that Modi should involve the NRIs in the law-making process. There should be some representatives from the various strong countries, who can give a better insight into the problems that they face on the international circuit.

But now as the new government gets rolling, we all wait and watch if this Modi Sarkar can deliver on its promises and live up to the expectations of the millions of people who have trusted him.