JMM, Congress and RJD Unseat BJP in Jharkhand, Hemant Set to Be New CM

Hemant Soren and Shibu Soren
In picture: Hemant Soren with father Shibu Soren
Hemant Soren and Shibu Soren
In picture: Hemant Soren with father Shibu Soren

Hemant Soren, the chief ministerial candidate of the three-party alliance of JMM, Congress and RJD is set to take oath as the new Chief Minister in Jharkhand. The alliance unseated the ruling party the BJP. This must be considered a miraculous performance by the alliance.

Here is the final tally

Alliance Results Change
JMM+CONG 46 +21
BJP 25 -12
JVM 3 -5
AJSU 3 -2
OTH 4 -2

Hemant thanks leaders for support

Hemant Soren thanked Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, RJD supremo Lalu Prasad and his father and JMM president Shibu Soren.

Hectic schedule

The month-long gruelling five-phase elections in Jharkhand began on 30 November and ended on 20 December. Today, people from not only Jharkhand but all over the country were glued to the election results updates. With many online news portals and TV channels airing the updates, people were getting time to time information to see the nail-biting finish.

Brutal battle between BJP & alliance

The fierce battle was between two factions – the ruling party BJP and the three-party coalition of JMM, Congress and RJD. The BJP failed to shake hands with its former ally AJSU before the polls, so the saffron party decided to contest elections alone. Meanwhile, the troika of JMM, Congress and RJD were looking like a formidable side at least on paper before the results.

Star campaigners address rallies

Party workers of different groups had to work overtime to woo the voters in the last-ditch. Frequent visit of the star campaigners of various factions had kept state officials as well as security personnel active round the clock. The top brass of all the political parties addressed rallies including prime minister Narendra Modi, home minister Amit Shah, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and film star Shatrughan Sinha. This is the last assembly elections of the year.

Plethora of questions for BJP

There were many questions before the results. Will the lotus bloom again in Jharkhand? Raghubar Das was the only chief minister of the state who had provided a stable government and completed his full five-year tenure. He was confident that BJP would form the government again. On the other hand, his political nemesis was not ready to concede even a single inch. The three-party alliance was looking to unseat the saffron party.

Lotus fades in Jharkhand

Jharkhand results have changed the political map of the country once again. Lotus this time sank in Jharkhand. What went wrong with the saffron party? The answer is that there have been rising frustrations against the BJP at the national level. People in every state want to see the elimination of local issues, unemployment, improvement in the conditions of farmers which are yet to be worked on by the government with earnestness.

Adivasi, non-Adivasi factor costs BJP

Jharkhand is another setback for the ruling party. The saffron party had given a chance to Rahghubar Das a non-Adivasi to take oath as the chief minister of the state. Incidentally, Das doesn’t belong to Jharkhand; he is from Chattisgarh. The BJP’s politics in the state is to differentiate between Adivasis and non-Adivasi which proved detrimental for the saffron party on the result day.

Shibu, a father figure among Adivasis

Shibu Soren, the grand older man of Jharkhand politics, is a notable face among the Adivasis. His contribution was immense for the creation of Jharkhand as a new state. He is just like the father figure among the Adivasis. His son and chief ministerial candidate Hemant Soren did his best to entice not only the Adivasis rather people of all sections to vote to the alliance. The father-son duo succeeded in their mission.

BJP lacks confidence

The BJP has lost confidence after the debacle in Haryana and Maharashtra. Although in both states it had emerged as the single largest party but failed to get the majority. In Haryana, the saffron party just formed the government with the help of JJP. Below-par performance in Maharashtra was another setback for the party. Sharad Pawar emerged as a kingmaker and to create a three-party alliance government in Maharashtra.

BJP fails to encash CAA & NRC

Jharkhand results also unveiled that the Citizenship Bill and NRC did not put much affect in the mind of the voters in the state. Polling in some regions of the state took place after the passing of the contentious Bill. It means the common people prefer good governance over the chaos that arose from CAA and NRC. 

The Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in a hurry for the Jharkhand polls and its another objective is to deviate the mind of the people from issues about unemployment, soaring prices of essential commodities even onions, lynching, poor law and order and the safety of women. The present government has to see its progress report and improve its performance to win the hearts of the people.

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