100 Days of Modi Sarkar – Day 49

Modi Sarkar Work - Day 49
Day 49 of Modi Sarkar

Modi Sarkar Work - Day 49

Modi looks to focus on international politics at BRICS meet

Narendra Modi is set to take part at what will be his first ever international meet as the prime minister of India when he attends the 6th summit of the BRICS group. From a political point of view, with emphasis on foreign relations, this will be a crucial event as well when one considers that he will have meetings with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping within hours after he lands at Fortaleza, Brazil.

Before he had left for the meeting, Modi had made it absolutely clear that he shall be using this event in order to strengthen India’s bilateral relations and so it is expected that world politics will form a major part of his BRICS agenda. Considering the latest condition of relations with China and Russia it is also perhaps advisable that the Indian prime minister makes an effort in that regard. At the present moment there are several parts of the world that are facing significant amounts of political problems as well as issues and crisis affecting the condition of the common people living in these countries. It can be assumed that at the upcoming BRICS meet these issues will be discussed as well.

India launches Sindhu Sadhna, a research ship built in India itself

In what could be termed as a major development for the country on the scientific front India has introduced Sindhu Sadhna, a research ship that has been built in the country itself. Jitendra Singh, a minister of state with the prime minister’s office, was present at the said inauguration and he has dedicated it to the country itself. The launch took place at Marmugao Harbour in Goa.

As per the official statement for the launch, the CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography has acquired the ship only a few days back. The ship, which could very well have an important effect on the research and development scenario in the country, happens to be capable of straddling several disciplines at once. It has several laboratories that can collect data and is equipped the latest technology such as an echo sounder, profiler, acoustic doppler, air quality monitors and an independent weather forecast service by itself. As far as ocean research and technology is concerned this ship is capable of opening up a whole new world of possibilities for the country.

Thackeray denies attacking Modi

A few days back Raj Thackeray, the head of Maharashtra Nava Nirman Sena, had mocked Narendra Modi for his usage of social media. However, in view of the nature of the reaction his comments have generated he has stated that he was only referring to the changing trends in social media while addressing the supporters of his party. It is a common trend in India to see influential people in the public sphere suffer from the foot in the mouth disease, where they attempt to do one thing and then end up doing something else because of the adverse reaction they receive and it seems that the influential Maharashtra politician is not an exception.

In his defense Thackeray has also stated that if he intended to oppose the Indian prime minister he would have done it openly. He has also blamed the media, as has been done by so many public figures before him and will be done after him, for the words that have generated all the heat in this regard. Thackeray has asked the media not to put words in his mouth and has completely denied that he said the words. Incidentally, he had stated a few days back to his party supporters that they should not be influenced too much when it came to the use of social media.

Jaitley says he did his best with the budget

One of the criticisms leveled against the union finance minister Arun Jaitley after he presented the national budget for 2014-15 fiscal has been the supposed lack of reforms that could have made the economy a stronger one, especially as far as the lower sectors of society are concerned. However, he has stated that he has done the best that the situation permitted him to do with the said budget. Interestingly enough, he has also said that not all the important decisions are supposed to be taken on the first day itself.

The rating agencies, apart from the political opponents such as Maywati, have criticized the budget presented by the union finance minister on July 10. The retrospective tax amendment that has been a major bone of contention, especially with the international companies willing to do business in India, stays the same even though it was thought that it may be repealed. The industrial sector has also not received the expected levels of benefits. However, there have been some positive aspects of the budget like providing greater limits of tax exemption for the salaried class.

Indian government chooses senior leaders for gubernatorial appointments

In what could be described as a game of political one-upmanship the BJP has chosen three senior leaders from among its ranks for the post of governor in several states. After the recent spate of sackings and resignations of governors there are now 9 states that need new governors and it is being believed that the union home ministry has chosen Ram Naik, BD Tandon and Kesri Nath Tripathi to fill three of these posts. In fact the NDA is quickening up the process to have these posts filled up.

The files of these leaders have also been sent to the prime minister so that he may provide his approval to the same. Some other names are also being talked about as being potential candidates in this context and they are Lalji Tandon, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, VK Malhotra from Delhi, Kailash Joshi, a leader from Madhya Pradesh and O Rajagopal from Kerala. Some other well-known figures such as Soli Sorabjee, a prominent jurist, is also being touted as someone who could be chosen by the national administration to fill one of the posts.

Economic indicators

Indicators Value Rise/Fall
SENSEX 25024.35 -348.40
NIFTY 7459.60 -108.15
Rupee/Dollar 59.93 -0.26
Gold 28,320.00 -176.00
Silver 46,015.00 -227.00
Crude oil 6,069.00 -111.00

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