100 Days of Modi Sarkar – Day 51

Modi Sarkar Work - Day 51
Day 51 of Modi Sarkar

Modi Sarkar Work - Day 51

Indian government creates group for healthcare research

One of the major promises made by Narendra Modi in his election campaign was providing healthcare facilities that could be afforded by the common people and also accessed by them. Harsh Vardhan, the union health minister, has informed the Rajya Sabha that the government is looking to come up with a group that will perform research and then bring out a detailed report on how this dream of Modi can be achieved.

He stated that the National Health Assurance Mission, an integral part of this dream, shall provide common people what they need in terms of healthcare. It will also reduce the additional expenditure being made by so many people in treatment and other medical purposes. In fact the manifesto of the Bharatiya Janata Party also mentioned setting up the NHAM to address the healthcare woes in India. A major problem of this particular sector in India is that the finest products and services are available at such a cost that is often above the capacity of the common people. If properly implemented it could take care of such problems for some time to come especially with regards to costs.

Indian government looking to amend land acquisition bill

One of the major hurdles for industrial development in India, as per experts and some observers, has been acquisition of land on which the industry can be developed. Quite often it has been seen that companies or even the state government have been unable to take over land for purposes of industry creation because of the lack of laws regarding such acquisitions. However, from the looks of it things are about to change right now.

The main aim of the national government in making changes to the above mentioned Act is to make sure that the industrial sector finds it easier to acquire land. It is being assumed that the government will also summon an all party meeting in order to come to a common ground as far as changing the bill, which has been in existence for a solitary year now, is concerned. The government is looking to try and amend the bill in the present session of the parliament itself. The ministry of rural development has sent across a note to the prime minister’s office. In that note it has asked that some important provisions of the said bill be diluted. In a meeting held recently between Nitin Gadkari and various states’ revenue ministers too these changes had been suggested by the latter.

Chinese troops crossing LAC

In the last few years, it has been common to see Chinese troops come into the LAC even as the state heads of India and China meet. This time too, with Narendra Modi meeting Xi Jinping at Brazil there have been reports of incursion by People’s Liberation Army into what is recognised as Indian territory. On July 16, a couple of vehicles, with PLC troopers, have crossed the LAC and come into Demchok sector in Ladakh. This has also led to a sort of standoff between Indian Army and the PLA.

The incident happened during the early hours on Tuesday and it came to an end with the both parties taking part in banner exercises that acted as stern reminders of the fact that neither should trespass into other’s territory. As per officers of South Block, the encounter took place at Charding Nilu Nullah Junction (CNNJ) with the concerned vehicles being noticed by Indian army at 05:10 hours. The troopers of Indian Army stopped the said cars and both the armies faced each other for an ensuing period of 20 minutes. This particular sector has been a bone of contention from 2008 with repeated violations by China who claim that India have occupied approximately 150 sq.km area that belongs to itself.

India to be the first president of future BRICS bank

India is expected to become the first president of the upcoming BRICS bank and its headquarters will be at Shanghai, China. While this is a rare prestige, one also needs to take into account the fact that India would have wanted to have the head offices at Delhi itself and so this presidency represents a defeat of sorts. The joint development bank, being built by the 5 members of BRICS, is looking to pose a challenge to the hegemony of the western countries when it comes to financial affairs of the world.

These developments indicate that there could be a lot of negotiation and discussion on the table. This is also the first ever multilateral event that Narendra Modi is going to be part and that perhaps makes it even more important for India. Slated to take place at Fortaleza this meeting will also enable Modi to meet Xi Jinping, the president of China. It is being understood that all the countries will have stakes of 10 billion dollars in the bank. The presidency shall be allotted on a rotational basis for a period of 5 years.

IT minister reveals that more than 9000 Indian websites have been hacked up to May

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the union minister of communications and information technology, has stated that till May 2014 9174 Indian websites have been hacked. Under normal circumstances people would think that hackers from Pakistan are behind such activities but the truth of the matter is that this time there have been hackers from all parts of the globe. The various forms of cyber crime in this instance are inclusive of phishing, harmful coding, scanning, violation of websites and spamming.

While replying to a question in this regard at the Lok Sabha, Prasad stated that the countries from which hacking was done in the said period included USA, Pakistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, Turkey, Algeria, China and UAE apart from certain countries in Europe. In the same phase the Computer Emergency Response Team of India received complaints of 62,189 security issues in India. With its emphasis on modernization it is expected that the NDA government would be able to find a quick solution to this problem so that important websites, especially ones that may contain critical information, are not compromised in any way.

Economic indicators

Indicators Value Rise/Fall
SENSEX 25228.65 221.67
NIFTY 7526.65 72.50
Rupee/Dollar 60.12 0.05
Gold 27,671.00 -91.00
Silver 44,905.00 -7.00
Crude oil 5994.00 -53.00

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