How to keep yourself entertained during long road trips?

Tips to keep Entertained
Tips to keep Entertained

Tips to keep entertained in road trips

No matter how convenient a train or a plane journey might seem, nothing beats the immense pleasure a road trip gives. Whether it is a two-hour trip or that of a whole day, road trips are super fun and exciting. After all who doesn’t like a long drive, especially when it involves spending quality time with your loved ones? Driving to a destination is one of the best ways to begin a holiday. But sometimes continuous motion for long hours can really get on to your nerves. And it is really hard to sit through a long journey if you don’t spend your time well. Therefore, before starting off for a far off destination, it is very important to make all the arrangements for your journey. There are a number of ways to change a boring long drive into an interesting one. So if you are planning for a road trip, here is what you can do to make your trip worthwhile!

1. Dress comfortably

It is best to wear loose pyjamas while long journeys. Relaxed body also keeps the mind relaxed.

2. Take along cushions

Carry small cushions and a sheet for a comfortable seating. Cushions will give you extra comfort in case you want to sleep.

3. Carry a backpack

Always carry a bag full of needful stuff which should be kept handy. Fill it with things like food, water, ipods, books, games etc.

4. Chat with others

Keeping quiet will only make you lethargic and bored. Keep up the high spirits by communicating with each other.

5. Listen to music

Take your iPods and mp3 players along with you. Make a playlist of all your favourite songs beforehand and enjoy listening to them all through the way.

6. Play Games

If you are travelling with your siblings or friends, get them involved by playing games like Dumb Charades. You can also bring your video games along.

7. Phone a friend

Keep your phone full charged and talk to anybody you like! Call people and have a group conversation.

8. Watch movies

If you have a DVD player, you can watch your favourite movies to kill time. You can also use your laptop or Tabs for the same.

9. Read

If you are a book lover, keep lots of books and magazines for the journey. But avoid doing this if you have a tendency of falling carsick.

10. Stop at rest overs

It is very important to stop at frequent intervals. This will help you restore your energy and also give it a boost.


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How to keep yourself entertained during long road trips?
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