100 Days of Modi Sarkar – Day 55

Day 55 of Modi Sarkar
Day 55 of Modi Sarkar

Modi Sarkar's Work - Day 55

It is expected that there would be some major changes in the days to come in the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. Narendra Modi, who has previously used a particular model at Gujarat, seems to have a particular fondness for the same provided he has instructed that it be used while making the changes in the PMNRF. The major changes are supposed to take place in the social strata that are accorded greater priority while choosing the beneficiaries. From now on the destitute and children will be provided greater importance in these cases. The prime minister has himself performed a review of the way the fund presently functions.

Prime minister’s relief fund expected to help poor and children

The former chief minister of Gujarat has also suggested some qualitative changes to the way the existing fund operates and it is expected that when the new one comes into being these changes shall come into play. Modi has instructed that the beneficiaries, from henceforward, be chosen in a detailed, humanitarian and scientific basis. In the same vein it also needs to be mentioned that people who are admitted to public hospitals after any natural disaster should be given more priority. If implemented it can be stated that the common people, who are mostly left in a hapless condition after any natural disaster, would be in far better situation than how they were earlier.

Swach Bharat cannot be achieved by 2019

One of the major problems facing India is the immense levels of pollution that are abundant at almost any part of the country. This is why Narendra Modi dreams to create a clean India by 2019. The main area of attention for the said project is to prevent people from defecating in the open, which is a huge nuisance in a country like India with rather low levels of intelligence when it comes to visual intelligence. However, as per government officers, it would not be possible to achieve the prime minister’s dream in that period.

As is the case with most important projects in India the main problems here are the lack of sufficient labor as well as financial resources. In the last couple of months the officials of the ministry for drinking water and sanitation have been making efforts to come up with a proposal that could act as a roadmap for the said project. As per the Swach Bharat project 800 million toilets are to be built across the country and the latest sewage systems are expected to be set up so that the menace of open defecation can be stopped once and for all in India.

Narendra Modi and India being praised by BRICS nations and investors

From the looks of it the Indian prime minister is becoming highly popular in markets across the world. As far as the leading performers among emerging economies are concerned, India seems to be the toast of professionals dealing with the world of finance. This is the best economic outlook for India in the last 5 years. One of the major challenges before Modi, whose party won with the single biggest margin in the last 30 years in the recently concluded assembly election, is to make sure that the economy achieves a decent level of growth.

With the way that countries and institutional investors are eager to do business with India in the recent times one would be forgiven for thinking that the country is heading in the right direction from an economic point of view and there are no problems whatsoever. However, it needs to be remembered that it is only the industrial and corporate sector that one is talking about here and that is not the biggest component of Indian economy. The agriculture sector has received no sops so to speak and with the increase in prices of most essential commodities the middle and lower classes find savings hard to come by.

Amnesty International asks for better rules in schools to prevent violence against children

A 6-year-old girl has been raped at a private school in Bangalore and this has shown the condition of security in schools across the country. In fact, Bangalore is not the only part of India where such incidents are happening – these are taking place at cities such as Kolkata, which were previously considered to be safe for women, as well. In such circumstances, Amnesty International has asked the Indian government to make sure there are proper guidelines as well as effective mechanisms that can help the schools put an end to such incidents once and for all.

It has been alleged that the child was violated by a couple of staff members and the incident took place within the premises of the school on July 2 but a proper complaint was registered only in the week gone by. Perhaps the Indian government needs to come forward and make sure that there are systems that enable the victims and their families to come forward without any worry of reproach whatsoever. The government is looking to provide more modernity for the people in all walks of life – perhaps it needs to help people think in a modern way as well so that instead of retreating into a shell over the adversities of life they can come and face them bravely.

Government to establish expert committee for cost audit rules

The new version of cost records and audit related rules have seen a number of cost accountants voice their concerns and this has prompted the Indian government to look into the issues by establishing a committee of experts. The committee is expected to be led by RS Sharma, who has previously served as the managing director as well as chairman of ONGC. This is a praiseworthy decision on part of the government to appoint someone, who has been in a government owned company and is thus perhaps familiar with how such systems work, as the head such an important committee.

He is expected to study the rules as well as the issues that are important in the context of cost auditing. The group of experts also has some other prominent names. RK Jain is an additional secretary with the health ministry, Aruna Sethi has served as the adviser (cost) of the corporate affairs ministry, and Chandra Wadhwa has previously been the president of Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India.

Economic indicators

Indicators Value Rise/Fall
SENSEX 25641.56 80.40
NIFTY 7663.90 23.45
Rupee/Dollar 60.29 0.10
Gold 27,997.00 -202.00
Silver 44,895.00 -684.00
Crude oil 6,208.00 -13.00

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